A Little More Time

I've extended the deadline for my Italian Rainbow Cookie contest to next week to allow more people to get their entries in. Here are the rules:

1. Pick out a great food scene that you've read and loved. It can be from a novel, poem, play, memoir, short story--whatever! Only requirement is that it have been in print (no movie scenes or song lyrics). The scene could be as short as a couple lines or as long as an entire chapter--no limits.

2. E-mail me your scene and the reference (i.e. "Like Water for Chocolate," chapter one, page 2-4)

3. Come back on the 31st to vote for your favorite.

Easy, huh? Also remember that I'm going to randomly pick a second winner from ALL who enter. If you're not that literarily inclined, you can also gain entry by posting about the contest on your blog and sending me the link.

I'm accepting entries until next Friday, the 28th. I'll post the top five that following monday for voting.

Each winner gets a full batch of Italian Rainbow cookies in a lovely ribboned gift box.

Sound good?

To inspire you, here is a scene I read just the other day in a book called Trail of Crumbs. It's by Kim Sunee and it's wonderful:

"He popped open the Champagne and poured two glasses. He dipped his forefinger into my glass, touched the back of each of my ears with a drop of the cold liquid, and offered a toast. Olivier winked, and I could feel everything melting, the space between my legs. I leaned back and closed my eyes, ready for him to kiss me, but he filled my mouth with a sweetness I had never known before, deeper than honey. I opened my eyes to a handful of fresh fat figs dripping with their own milk. He whispered that we would roast them with red wine, taste them with acacia blossoms he would fry and powder with fine sugar.

...I pushed the hair off my face, and the sweetness from the wild figs stuck to my fingers and lips. I licked them again, willing myself to memorize that full-mouth flavor."

And now it's your turn...


  1. Cant promise but I will try. This week has been crazy. Will go to my bookself on Sunday when peaceful.

  2. Alej, I love your blog and I plan to make it a favorite. I talked to our mutual, and lovely, Peruvian friend on Saturday amidst basketball and baking ziti when she mentioned your new enterprize. We spoke of you sweetly and I made it my first order of business today to read some of your writing. While reading I noted the rainbow contest and thought of 2 books that qualified. I couldn't locate Anna Karenina so I offer you a little parisian Earnest en lieu. Here goes:

    The leaves lay sodden in the rain and the wind drove the rain against the big green autobus at the terminal and the Cafe' des Amateurs was crowded and the windows misted over from the heat and the smoke inside. It was a sad evilly run cafe' where the drunkards of the quarter crowded together and I kept away from it because of the smell of drunkenness. The men and women who frequented the Amateurs stayed drunk all the time, or all of the time they could afford it, mostly on wine which they bought by the half-liter or liter. Many strangely named apertifs were advertised, but few people could afford them except as a foundation to build their wine drunks on. The women drunkards were called powrottes which meant female rummies.

    The Cafe' des Amateurs was the cesspool of the rue Mouffetard, that wonderful narrow crowded market street which led into the Place Contrescarpe.

    As I type it today I'm reminded of making rum drinks and polishing a bottle of Carlo Rossi sangria... ;)

  3. I'm so lame. I'm still trying to find something to submit. I need to read more of those things with lots of pages in between cardboards..how is it called again?... books!! I need to read more books!


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