My Cake in a Box

I'm delivering my first custom cake order tomorrow afternoon and am beyond excited. I just finished packaging it all up and it looked so pretty that i had to share. The request was a bit different--the customer wanted a naked Italian rainbow cake. Yes, I said naked. Meaning three layers of cake plus filling, but sans ganache. I tried talking her into the chocolate as it really does make the cake, but she refused. I can only hope that she's planning to frost it herself.

It came out beautifully, though (for a naked cake). Round and with three beautiful layers in pastel pink, yellow, and green. Green on top for St. Paddy's of course. She said she didn't care about the colors or the shape so I took that as license to play around a bit. It smells incredible with a rich almond scent, and just looks moist and wonderful. I had to bat my parents away from the cakes when they came by for dinner tonight. I think my dad just wanted to curl up and take a nap in the almond goodness that is now my apartment.

I tucked it into a box wrapped with wax paper and nestled in a bed made out of my new gorgeous tissue paper. I am also including personal thank you or gift notes with my cake on this fantastic cream and chocolate brown Crane stationary I bought ages ago, but never quite got around to using.

Interested in getting your own cake in a box? Well, you know what to do!

(And yes, I apologize for using that tired old joke, but really. How could I possibly resist?!)

P.S. Why haven't you entered my contest to win your own box of little cakes yet? Get on it; only a few days left to get your entries in! And as a reminder, there are TWO ways to win. Either send in an entry or just post about the the contest on your blog and send me the link. It's easy and the prize is oh-so-worth it!


  1. Well CONGRATS to you Alejandra. I had no idea that you were getting into the cake-making business! I have to you give you credit for taking the plunge. For many popular blogs it's like, you can talk the talk but can you walk the talk? Obviously, not all, but certainly you can. Rock on!

  2. Wow, for some reason your site hadn't updated for me since the ninth. I was wondering where you were at... and today I get three posts to read.

    Sometimes things are worth the wait.

  3. I wish I could order one of your lovely cakes but I live too far! Oh well, I will just admire them from afar :) Congratulations!

  4. Thank you all!! I'm really excited about it. It's been such great fun so far and the orders just keep on coming!

    As for Chicha, I'm sorry that you're so far away. Maybe someday I'll figure out a way to ship internationally without affecting the quality of the product (or crazy shipping prices!)

  5. I made the rainbow cookie cake today and it is not only gorgeous it is DREAMY DELICIOUS...(I was "tasting" as I was decorating the layers...yumm...) It's for a friend's birthday(her request of rainbow cake) and I think it is going to knock her socks off! Thanks for this amazing recipe...I will be using it again...and again...again.......


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