A Delightful Giveaway!

**Spoiler Alert: Reading this entire post could make you (and a friend) very happy.**

There are some girls who love shoes. They get dizzy with delight when passing store displays and stare lustfully at other girls' feet on the subway. Their closets are a thing of wonder filled with seasonally organized shoe racks and storage boxes labeled with Polaroids. Others go for purses. Perhaps vintage or ultra-modern; giant hobos and tiny clutches. And still yet there are the girls who melt for jewelry and are loathe to leave the house without a shimmering bit of bling.

I have to admit that I’m not really any of these girls. Not that I would turn down a great pair of shoes or diamonds studs if they were presented to me, but when I go shopping, my card usually ends up being swiped for something entirely different: kitchen stuff.

Yup, I’m a kitchen stuff fiend.

I drool over madeleine pans, rubber spatulas, and pepper mills the way other girls freak over Manolos. Williams Sonoma is my Barneys and I can spend hours wandering around and around Bed, Bath & Beyond. One of my greatest shopping regrets is not purchasing a large, volcanic stone molcajete (for guacamole making & spice grinding) that was in the bargain bin at the Georgetown Dean & Deluca because my college boyfriend didn’t want us to have to spend the day lugging it around. He’s long gone, but my desire for that perfect stone basin bubbles up each time I find myself mashing avocados in a plain old glass bowl.

Naturally, these proclivities lend themselves towards a certain bit of excitement whenever I hear about great new retailers online. Shopping for cool kitchen stuff while wearing my boyfriend’s old t-shirt and watching Tyler reruns? Er…yeah, that’s kind of freaking perfect.

Delight.com is the site I’ve spent the past hour (or so…) browsing, and already I’ve amassed quite the long lust list. Number one on that list? This ridiculously adorable pig-shaped salsa bowl. While not exactly the “molcajete that got away,” it would be perfect for serving guacamole or pico de gallo at a party. And it would look even nicer next to this fish-shaped baking dish (perhaps filled with cheesy, bubbly enchiladas?).What can I say? It seems I have a thing for animal shaped earthenware...

I’m going to have to wait until Friday (aka payday) to place my order, but I’ve got a treat for you guys! The awesome folks at Delight.com want to award TWO of my readers with a prize selected from the kitchen section of their website. Not only that, but they’ll also send you a SECOND prize for your friend.That's one prize (of your choice) for you and a second prize (also your choice) for a friend!

So here’s how it works: Check out the kitchen section of the Delight.com site and then come back here and leave a comment with a valid e-mail and noting what your favorite item is and what you would get for a friend. Could be two of the same thing or two different things. Only restriction is that the items be kitchen/cooking/food related. You have until Monday, September 1st at 3PM to comment. Two winners will then be selected randomly and will each receive a prize for themselves and one for their friend.

How great is that? OK now…off you go! But be sure to come back and comment what two items you pick (and please make sure to leave an email if you username isn’t connected to an email address or valid blogger profile. If we can’t get in touch with you, someone else gets the prize!)

Can’t wait to see what you all pick!


P.S. If you can't wait to see if you're a winner, Delight.com has extended a special 15% off discount offer JUST for readers of Always Order Dessert (Um, because we clearly rule!). It's good through September 15 on orders over $35. Just enter the code AlwaysOrderDelight at checkout. (case sensitive)

P.P.S. Besides US they ship to UK, Canada, and Germany, so the international folks can join in the fun too!


  1. Hi, Thanks for posting this contest to twitter :)

    I think I would choose the Chip Cheery Storage Container Mega Set (in stripe).

    I could always use more storage in the kitchen.

  2. What a cool offer (and a cool site)!

    I think I too would go for the Chip Cheery Storage Container Mega Set. I'd send a set of these to anyone I know, too. Stylish and practical... what more could a kitchen-lover need? :)

  3. I was just thinking, "Why does everyone want these Chip Cheery things..." but then I saw that they were adorable containers and now that's exactly what I want too :)

    I'd buy my friend the egg cooking set. She's the queen of deviled Eggs.

  4. Do the reusable totes count? Because I love those, especially The Trooper bag. That would be great for carrying groceries as well as the kids sippy cups and snacks. And I would give my friends one of the Pomaire bakers.

  5. emily@thelampnyc.orgAugust 27, 2008 at 9:18 AM

    I would get the onion goggles. I am in serious pain whenever I cut onions--my eyes get so red and puffy, you would think my puppy just died. And the husband's not always around to do the chopping for me.

    And I love the koi pitchers. so fun. so bright. it would be hard to give away, but I know my sister would like it.

  6. I love a good giveaway...but I'm OVER THE MOON about a KITCHEN giveaway!

    I'd choose the teapot herb garden. I've been thinking about trying to start one because I've just recently started using FRESH herbs. SO fun. SO much better than the dry stuff. So...I'd like that.

    For a friend, I'd choose the fish pitcher or the chip cheery storage. Both are fun and bright. LOVE THAT!

  7. Ok, so I am a bit in love with the Pomaireware Handcrafted Baker pan thing. I love that is a fair trade, handcrafted item, and I think the shape is perfect. As for a friend, I also think the Chip Cherry containers are cute and would make a nice gift. Thanks for posting this!

  8. What a really cool giveaway! I found you from Amber off of Twitter!

    #1) I want the Super Silicone Steamer 20oz. I have a large family to feed, and this would be so wonderful on the vegetarian Monday's I've started! Also really healthy for my two little girls.

    #2) I would love to get the Food Fight game! We have Iron Chef parties every month, and this would be a lot of fun to play during those!

    Thanks a ton for the giveaway, really cute idea!

  9. THIS IS GREAT! Thanks for sharing :)

    I am loving the the Index Chopping Boards. That is organization at it's best! The PoachPods would make a fun gift.

  10. My choice would have to be the silicone egg poachers. My poached eggs are always yummy, but never neat. And for my friend (perhaps even the bff with the thing for animal shaped earthenware and gourmand extraordinaire), none other than the piggy salsa bowl. lindsay.einstein@gmail.com

  11. This is amazing, very good of Delight.com to reward a lucky reader!

    I would have to choose the Elegant and Useful All Purpose Olive and Appetizer Dish for myself, and for a friend I would love to get the Absolutely Fabulous Cookbook Stand. Her old one broke, and this one looks like it would fit the bill perfectly!

  12. You're awesome! :)
    I would love the Foodie Fight! Trivia Game (because I love trivia about food!) and the herb garden (because nothing is better than fresh herbs and let's be honest, how often can a person cooking for one use up a whole bunch she's bought at the market before it goes bad?). Or ooh! All out of Home Pad because I love lists... hmmm... :) Email address should be in my blogger profile. Thanks!

  13. Wow. This is a great contest! Thank you.

    I'd go for the Safe & Healthy Index Chopping Boards. I've never really invested in cutting boards and these would be a great addition to my kitchen or to my competition BBQ equipment.

    For a friend - why the cutting boards of course! They're fantastic.

  14. Ok, those Chip Cheery Storage Container Mega Sets are the CUTEST. My bff (Best Foodie Friend) and I each need a set!

  15. I have been dying for those onion goggles ever since I wrote about them on the Epicurious blog! I'm also intrigued by the silicone steamer. I think that could come in very handy and frankly I hate my metal/petal one.

  16. I don't like poached eggs, but I love the PoachPods Silicone Egg Poachers, with their happy green colors. I would use them for dipping sauces or mise en place. They're cute and handy.

  17. I really like those Safty and Healthy Index cuting boards. Also the Portion Control mats.
    I know what you mean, Speanding much of my career as an Account Exec in retail/stores, etc. the onky real shopping I enjoy is Kitchen stuff.

  18. Love it! I would choose the Easy Dry Stemware Rack and the Index Chopping Boards! Not that I'm sure which would be for me and which for someone else -- can "someone else" be my fiance? :-)

  19. OH.. I love Delight.com!

    For my friend I would get the delightfully pink Chop2Pot.. she has issues with burning herself while cooking! :)

    And for me I would get the Olive and Appetizer dish or the Salsa Conidment Serving Dish... we like to entertain and there's never too much dip! :)

  20. for me: the super cute mini french herb garden. for a friend: loving the koi pitcher.

  21. I just found your blog recently (still need to try the beet gnocchi) which was exciting enough. But now a kitchen gadget giveaway, yay!

    They have so many fun things...but the koi pitcher is my pick.

    And the indexed cutting boards for my also figuring out how to cook best friend.


    Thanks Alejandra!

  22. I'd choose the Eco Bags Reusable Produce Bags for myself and for a friend (my aunt counts as a friend, right?).

  23. My fav is probably the Pomaireware Handcrafted Bakers but I also think the foodie trivia game would be fun. Thanks!

    zekks at yahoo dot com

  24. I sooo want the No-Cookbook Recipe Stand!!! I always photocopy recipes from my cookbooks because I do not want the pages from the book getting dirty. This is such an awesome solution!

    My daughter has always been my sous chef in the kitchen and since she loves helping me with both prep and putting the food away, she would *love love love* Chip Cheery Storage Container Mega Set because of the bright colors!

  25. I would go with the Chop2Pot cutting boards because i can't even remember the number of times a stray mushroom or onion has committed suicide on my kitchen floor as I've tried to get them in the pot.
    For a friend would choose the Absolutely fabulous Cookbook Stand. She always complains about have to rewrite her cookbook recipes on paper so it will stay flat while she cooks.

    Thanks for this awesome offer!

  26. Thank you Delight.com for being so generous!

    I love the Pomaireware Handcrafted Bakers in the shape of a fish. Its so cute. I can see myself eating a green bean cassrole right out of the bakeware!

    My friend would love the Chip Cheery Storage Container Mega Set. She bakes all the time and would love to use these chic and colorful containers.

  27. prillw7@hotmail.comAugust 28, 2008 at 1:45 PM

    I stumbled across this blog and have loved reading it! Delight.com is such a great website.

    I'd be all about the absolutely fabulous recipe stand because it looks classy, mine is pathetic in comparison.

    For a friend, I'd choose the magnet bottle opener because it screams fun!

    Great site!

  28. i too would choose the pomaireware baking dish handcrafted in chile! the pig version is especially cute because the lopsy ears make me giggle :) i love that they show the artist at work and that it's fair-trade. for a friend, i would choose the sweet as can be sweets tray (http://www.delight.com/Sweet-As-Can-Be-Sweets-Tray). my friend loves to entertain but she doesn't have any fancy serving dishes because she's always spending her money on feeding her friends! plus it comes with a matching box so it's gift ready. i love this site - now i'm addicted! did you see the smencils?! i really hope a non toxic scratch-n-sniff makes a comeback!

    my email is jodispacek@hotmail.com! thanks for letting everyone know about this site!

  29. butterflyamy19@hotmail.comAugust 28, 2008 at 4:22 PM

    I think that I would want the Chip Cheery Storage Container Mega Set (in Polka Dot)

    For my friend I think she would like the Safe & Healthy Index Chopping Boards.

  30. Personally, I would want the Chip Cheery Storage Container set. I'm always scrounging for places to put leftovers. And for my friend, a lovely koi pitcher.

  31. no question: i'm coveting the koi pitcher in aqua, thankyouverymuch. (although the colour choice was the hardest decision i've made in weeks).

    and for a friend, i'll have to go with the poachpods egg poachers. there's a certain someone in my life who has been attempting to master the art of egg poaching.

    this is a great idea, you resourceful little minx. see you soon!

  32. For myself I would choose the Fabulous Wine Finer & Corkscrew For At Home Sommeliers! I have a cheap corkscrew right now which is bordering on useless and would love to have this!

    For my friend, I would choose the Chip Cheery Storage Container Mega Set in the Stripe pattern.

  33. Oh Wow, what a neat offer!

    I would have to go for the Pomaireware Salsa/Condiment Serving Dish since all things pork are welcome in our house and the Koi pitcher would be a perfect fit for my MIL.

    Awesome! Can't wait to try your recipes, they all sounds so good and now I am just hungry :)

  34. Mmm, noodle bowls for me, Darjeeling Dishware for someone else.

  35. wow, thank you so much for twittering about this, and letting us all participate!!! this was a post i could relate to...my wishlist is ALWAYS full of cookbooks and kitchen tool wants. people look at me funny sometimes...
    i would choose the The No-Cookbook Recipe Stand For Digital Chefs. one for me and one for my sis, who is about to be married! we both find most our recipes online, and i already have stacks of printouts everywhere without a home. this would be AWESOME.

    clintandchanelle {at} cox.net

  36. I'm liking the Modern Carver set - and I have a friend who would love the Fabulous Wine Server...

  37. Hi!

    I really liked the Chop2Pot cutting board featuring a handle on the side to help easily transport food from the cutting board to the pan. Haha, something so simple can save ones life!

    I'd probably get the Healthy and Adorable Silicone Steamer for a health-nut friend of mine.

    As usual, love your blog! Take care!


    Do you have a favorite cook-book?

  38. ooh ooh! My apartment is so small, I'm using my own shiny cherry steel colander as a fruit bowl. Therefore I'm begging you for a collapsible colander--it would be amazing! And for my friend I would totally go for the cute koi pitchers. What a fun funky gift!
    Thanks so much--love the blog! Your life seems so much more exotic than mine! I myself settled for some cookie dough ice cream for supper. :)

  39. I think I would choose the chip cheery storage set for myself and for my friend! I love them. so cute and practical!!! Great site I love it all:)

  40. I LOVE the gurgling koi pitcher (in sunny yellow). And for my friend... the Pomaireware Handcrafted Bakers - the fish! The friend I have in mind loves experimenting with different vegetarian and vegan dishes and would love the whimsy *and* fair trade elements of the dish.

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