I’m tired, kids. Really tired. My eyes keep slipping shut and I may or may not have napped through the last half of that Hitchcock film I was watching on television earlier today. I’ve been going to bed late these past few nights for no particular reason at all. So late at night in fact, that I feel like I should really be saying “I went to bed early this morning…” And so, though I’m really dying to finish writing this post and give it to you as my little gift, I’m afraid it will have to wait a bit. For now, please accept this photo of my delicious pumpkin challah dough prepped for the first rise…and my promise that I’ll be back soon with more.


  1. OH yumn. Pumpkin Challah. I know what your mean. Im just dragging these days.

  2. The changing seasons always do it to me too... all the darkness must mean that it's time to hibernate. Rest is a very good thing...


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