Tiramisu Cake and Peach Upside-Down Cake (TODAY Show)

I was super excited to participate in two cooking segments on my latest visit to the TODAY Show. We were talking about box mix hacks all day, starting with a box mix and turning it into total showstopper desserts like my Chocolate Tiramisu Cake (with rum and a homemade mascarpone frosting!) and an Upside-Down Cornbread Peach Cake.

I had so much fun with Al Roker and the whole team; this was probably my most favorite segment yet! Click below to watch the video!

Making Brookies! (TODAY Show)

I was back on the TODAY Show this week sharing a few box mix baking hacks--fun and easy ways to take a standard box mix from plain to fabulous. In my first segment, I showed Al Roker how to make "brookies" aka brownies with cookies baked on top.

Such a fun recipe that you can easily customize by adding espresso powder and using your favorite cookie dough. Click the video below to watch!

Coconut Mango Couscous Salad (+ Ideas for a Tropical Fall Party Menu!)

This weekend, I invited a few of my favorite people over for a cozy and relaxed Fall lunch party at home. After a busy summer, it felt really great to finally relax and catch-up with friends over delicious food and drinks.

My party menu was inspired by a new product I've been working with this season called Dole Fruit n' Spice, which is a line of spiced frozen fruit that combines fruit like mangos, pineapple, and apples with spices like chili and cinnamon. It's a new product and I hadn't heard about it until I started working with them, but I'm genuinely obsessed with how good they are, and with all the ways you can use them to make both sweet and savory recipes.


3 #Squadgoal Parties to Host this Fall

Saying good-bye to summer has never been easy for me, but I'm slowly starting to get into the spirit. From comfort food and apple cider donuts to cute new outfits and being able to maintain a blow-out in the crisp, humidity-free air, I reluctantly admit that Autumn does have its charms.

And one of my favorites is that I can start entertaining again!

I'm not sure how it is in your circle, but in mine, summer is always such a blur of travel, weddings, and beach weekends. Nobody ever seems to be in town at the same time, and finding days when everyone can get together is always a challenge. But Fall brings with it a welcome return to routine--and the perfect opportunity to bring your faves together for some much-needed girl time.

This month, I paired up with the cool folks at Barefoot Wine & Bubbly to share with you three of my favorite low-key ways to catch-up with friends and entertain during these cozy autumn months:

Top 10 Flavor Trends on Pinterest (+ delicious ways to eat them!)

I'm endlessly fascinated by the way food trends and flavors change from year to year, and even from month to month. As someone who is constantly cooking and experimenting, I love seeing how quickly new flavors and ingredients can go from super niche to practically ubiquitous.

I recently attended an event hosted by Pinterest at the Museum of Food and Drink here in New York where they announced their 2016 Pinsights Flavor Report--a round-up of trending flavors, ingredients, and pairings that are rocking everyone's worlds (and mouths!) right now.

Read on for those top ten flavor trends (plus some recipes to get you inspired to give each one a try!)

Black Pepper Espresso Tapioca Pudding

Tapioca pudding for grown-ups!

I've always loved black pepper in sweets. It's spicy and smoky and the flavor is almost stronger when paired with the sweetness than it is in savory recipes.


Guacamole Chickpea Salad with Cilantro-Avocado Dressing

The awesome folks at Pinterest just released their 2016 Pinsights Flavor Report featuring the top 10 trending flavors, ingredients, and food pairings people are currently loving.

I was super inspired by all these ideas, that I decided to create this chickpea salad recipe highlighting one of my personal faves: cilantro!

Fair warning: If you're one of those people who thinks that cilantro tastes like soap, you're probably going to want to skip this one.

But for this rest of you? Step right up!


DIY Fall Decor Ideas (TODAY Show)

I had so much fun sharing these easy DIY Fall decor ideas on TODAY Show recently. Click above to watch the video and scroll down for links to the tutorials.


DIY Hanging Sunflower Pendants (Sunflower Kissing Balls)

These colorful hanging flower balls (also known as "kissing balls") are a simple and fun decoration to hang over a buffet at a party, during a Fall-themed wedding, or to just hang on a doorway or front porch as seasonal decor.

I shared a sunflower version of this idea on the TODAY Show this morning, since we were celebrating the (unofficial) start of Fall, but feel free to swap different flowers depending on the time of year.


Chocolate Chip Fig Cake with Saffron

This Chocolate Chip Fig Cake is the autumnal version of my Simple Summer Cake. (So I guess that makes this a Simple Fall Cake?) A moist and not-too-sweet yogurt cake with hints of almond and saffron studded with ripe fresh figs and tons of chocolate chips.
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