Thank you for your interest in advertising on Always Order Dessert! Currently we offer three package options for sponsorship. (Please ask if you are interested in a customized option as I'm happy to work with you.)

To place your ad, e-mail me at with your selected option, a brief overview of your service or company, desired dates, and (if applicable) proposed artwork. I accept payments via PayPal.

Option A:
200x140 pixel image ad on the right sidebar. Ad rates are charged up front at the current posted ad rate, with discounts for bulk purchases:

Current Option A Ad Rates:
1 month: $50 US
2-3 months: $45 US per month
4-6 months: $40 US per month

Option B:
A 500-word sponsored post written by Alejandra in her own words highlighting your product or service and a one-month 200x140 pixel images spot. Depending on rate desired, sponsored post will be published on either a peak-traffic day (Mon-Thurs) or a weekend-traffic day (Fri-Sun) at 9AM EST and will be the solo post of the day. If desired, your sponsored post can be a featured Q&A, product giveaway, or a product/service overview. (Note that sponsored posts must be labeled as such in accordance with FTC regulations.)

Current Option B Ad Rates:
Peak-traffic sponsored post + image ad: $350 US
Weekend-traffic sponsored post + image ad: $200 US
Sponsored post only: Subtract $50 US from selected rate
Recurring sponsorship: contact with details for specific rates

Option C:
Original Sponsored Recipe Development:  If you have a product that you'd like featured in a recipe post, consider a sponsored recipe. Alejandra will use your product to create an original recipe that she will then photograph and feature in a sponsored recipe post consisting of a product overview, at least 2 original photographs, and the recipe. Sponsored post will be published on a peak-traffic day (Mon-Thurs) at 9AM EST (unless otherwise requested) and will be the solo post of the day. This package also includes a 2-month 200x140 pixel image ad spot in the right sidebar.

Current Option C Ad Rates:
Original Sponsored Recipe Development: $500

Nonprofit Discount:
Registered 501c3 nonprofit organizations are eligible for a 50% discount of all posted rates. Proof of nonprofit status is required and ad must link to .org URL.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to turn down advertising requests at my discretion, and will only approve services that I feel I can fully support or recommend. I will not accept ads from any pornographic websites or services. Ad artwork may not contain any lewd or offensive imagery (again at my discretion). In the unlikely event of a server crash or downtime, I will extend your ad period by the equivalent time the site was down or otherwise unavailable.


About Always Order Dessert

Always Order Dessert is a US-based home-cooking and lifestyle blog written by NY-based professionally-trained cook, magazine editor, and food writer Alejandra Ramos. The site features original recipes, cooking tips and tutorials, entertaining ideas and party inspiration.

Started in January 2008, Always Order Dessert has gained a loyal and regular readership of nearly 80,000 visitors a month, and has been ranked a Technorati Top 100 Food and Top 100 Living site. It has been called one of the "Best of the Web" by Saveur Magazine, and Alejandra has been named one of the "Top 50 Foodies to Follow on Twitter" by Alejandra has appeared on Martha Stewart Living Radio, Fox News, and Emeril's Table. Always Order Dessert and Alejandra are regularly featured in a number of top national and international publications, including Saveur, Real Simple, O Magazine, Cosmopolitan, The New York Post, The NY Times, Bust, The Wall Street Journal, The Times of London, MSNBC,, AOL Slashfood, and many, many others. (Click here for extensive list of Press mentions.)

Demographic Summary:

Always Order Dessert readers are primarily US-based educated, employed, and female; aged 22-35 (secondary age group 36-45). Nearly half are newlyweds, engaged, or in a committed dating relationship. 40% are married with young children under 5. The majority live in one-bedroom apartments or small homes in urban or nearby suburban areas, primarily on the East Coast.

Always Order Dessert readers cook daily (especially weeknight dinners and packed lunches), bake regularly, and entertain monthly. They make the grocery decisions and manage grocery budgets, shopping on a weekly basis. They shop regularly for cooking tools and gadgets, gourmet food products, baking and decorating supplies, small kitchen appliances, entertaining/decorating items. They are interested in cooking with whole and fresh ingredients, learning new techniques and tools, sustainability, reducing food waste, affordable entertaining solutions, and decorating ideas.

The Always Order Dessert Community
The Always Order Dessert brand extends beyond the main site to a full and vibrant community on Twitter, Facebook, a weekly newsletter, and regular events in and around the NY area.

Twitter Followers: 9,000 (increasing at rate of +10 per day)
Facebook Fans: 2230 (increasing at rate of +5-10 per day)

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