Giveaway Winners!

Thank you ALL for entering the Sweet Life in Paris book giveaway. You have no idea how much I loved reading your descriptions of your perfect "Sweet Life." My wish for you is that you all get a chance to experience at least some of what you wish for.

I used this morning to select three winners. They are:

#28 Susan: "My idea of the sweet life is to retire to the Southern coast of France, to Italy, or perhaps Spain. I lived in Europe for a total of six years of my adult life and would love the opportunity to return. In the meantime, I am taking courses in enology and viticulture, so that, if I were fortunate enough to obtain a property, I could tend a small vineyard and grow vegetables as my grandfather once did (though his garden was in SC, not southern Europe!"

#112 Farealafemme: "I think I already have a sweet life. Living in downtown Charleston with my boyfriend.  Hosting parties where everyone comes together for a relaxed evening of fun. Riding bicycles through the French Quarter in the spring and spending hours at the beach in the summer. And most importantly: learning to appreciate every sweet moment that comes my way."

#71 Andrea T: "My idea of the sweet life is living your passion...doing what you love with people you love that love you back around you."

Congratulations to the three winners! Email me your mailing addresses as soon as you can so that the publisher can send you your prize.


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