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ALWAYS ORDER DESSERT is a food, travel, and lifestyle blog about celebrating everyday moments and confidently living life to the fullest. Written by food and lifestyle expert Alejandra Ramos, this is your home for all things indulgent.

Always Order Dessert is about saying good-bye to guilt and allowing yourself pleasures like baking a luscious cake (just because you crave it), booking a last-minute adventure (or that one you've been dreaming about for ages!), buying that dress that looks amazing on you, and taking advantage of any excuse to bring your friends and loved ones together around the table. It's about letting go of the hang-ups and second guessing that so often lead us to miss out on special moments in life.

With sweet and savory recipes, travel stories, fashion and lifestyle advice that is elegant, playful, and just the right amount of decadent, I want to inspire you to create and enjoy memorable dishes and experiences every single day of the week.

Life is far too short to deny ourselves the things we most enjoy, and I'd like to help you find ways to add a bit more sweetness to your days, both on and off the table.

Everyone needs a friend who will indulge her desires and encourage her to confidently go after what she wants. I'd like to be yours!

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