DIY Puerto Rican Adobo

Just about every type of cuisine has a signature spice blend they can call their own. For Puerto Ricans, it's adobo--a balanced mix of herbs and spices like garlic, oregano, and cumin. While store-bought versions are easily found in many well-stocked markets around the country, they're usually loaded with MSG, excessive amounts of sodium, and other unnecessary additives.


Skillet Braised Pork Chops with Spicy Chipotle Berry Sauce

This post is part of a sponsored collaboration with Smithfield and DiMe Media. As always, all recipes and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting brands like Smithfield that make it possible for me to continue to provide you with new recipes and quality content!

Ever since that fabulous all-pork dinner party I attended a couple weeks ago with Chef Jose Garces, I've been eager to start playing around with a few creative pork recipes of my own. I hope you guys love pork as much as I do, because I have several coming up over the coming months featuring the variety of cuts from Smithfield's line of Fresh Pork.

We're starting off with a dinnertime favorite--pork chops!


I think I was nine the year I went to Puerto Rico with my dad for his friend's son's christening. My mom and brother stayed home for reasons I can't remember, so for a couple weeks it was just the two of us, exploring the island and eating.

Like me, my father likes to snack and feast, and thinks about his next meal midway through the current one. He gladly handed dollar bills out the car window to panhandlers on the highway selling plantain chips and bags of cucas--these hard round cookies about the size of my palm that tasted of ginger and shortening (with a hint of exhaust). They're the kind of cookies you gnaw on instead of chew, and I could gnaw through a bag for the better part of an afternoon while driving across the island.


Any Berry Cake

My fridge is perpetually full of berries during the summer months. I can't resist buying them, even when I know I already have a few pounds of them waiting at home.

Hence the need for a simple berry cake like this one. The easy batter, rich with olive oil, cream, and fresh lemon zest, is the perfect base for handfuls of your favorite berries.


Celebrating Pork with Sabor Smithfield & Chef Jose Garces

Last week, I got the chance to co-host an amazing pork-themed dinner party by Chef Jose Garces at his restaurant Amada here in New York. The dinner was in celebration of the launch of, a new website featuring an array of pork recipes and ideas for the Latino Spanish-speaking community by the brand Smithfield (which you may already know for their bacon and ham products).

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