5 Quick Ways to Get Out of a Funk

We all have those days when it feels like nothing is going right. Whether it's tension at work or school, or stress at home, here are five quick ideas to help you shake out the cobwebs and get back to work (or life!) feeling refreshed and inspired.

How to Make a DIY Doughnut Wall

A few months ago, I shot a super fun DIY Doughnut Wall video for TODAY Food. If you've never seen a doughnut wall before, just know that they're kind of amazing. It's basically a party feature that doubles as both decoration and dessert. It's super easy to make, and you can get most of the supplies at a hardware store like Home Depot.

Watch the video, then scroll down for a few tips!

Roasted Rainbow Carrot Salad

Eugene and I have been making an effort to try out different restaurants in our uptown neighborhood. In NYC, the downtown places always get all the attention (and many with good reason!), but there are also a lot of incredible places located near us in Washington Heights.

Smoked Paprika & Orange Pork Meatballs with Garlic Tomato Sauce

This was last night's dinner. It was also my lunch yesterday since I had to make and test it, first.

Rough life, I know.

Smoked paprika will forever be one of my favorite flavors, and a few years ago I took a class with a sausage maker who told me that his favorite flavor combo was smoked paprika and orange. I tried it. I loved it, and I'm now forever looking for ways to use it (this roast pork loin is another fave).

Salted Honey Caramel Popcorn

A quick warning. If you've never made caramel corn before, you're about to realize just how ridiculously easy it is to make at home. I mean you literally just stir a few things in a pot, add popcorn, let cool and eat.

That's it!

Which can be a problem if you fall in love with this salty-sweet Salted Honey Caramel Popcorn recipe. Made with butter, brown sugar, real honey and sea salt, this is such an incredible treat for those of you who like salty with your sweet.

I kept it really basic and simple here (and easy--so so easy!), but you can really have fun with this. Add a bit of sriracha or hot sauce instead of vanilla or swap in a different extract, add some cinnamon for a cinnamon caramel, or use a floral honey for a sophisticated swap. Adding roasted salted peanuts or almonds would be so good too, or maybe even some toasted coconut?

So many fun things you can do with this.


Garlic Knot Popcorn (Garlic Parmesan & Herb Popcorn)

Kicked-up popcorn is one of my favorite easy snacks for parties, movie-watching, and even gifts! It's so simple to turn a batch of plain, freshly popped popcorn into a super fun and impressive snack with just a few easy additions.

This recipe is inspired by one of my favorite childhood snacks--garlic knots! I grew up eating the pizza parlor fave of twisted dough rolled around in chopped garlic, butter, olive oil, parmesan and fresh herbs. This popcorn mixture features all the same flavor and ingredients (except the dough) in a fun and totally addictive treat.

Like always, feel free to personalize this one! Add chili flakes for more heat, chop in fresh parsley or rosemary, or skip the cheese if you're not a fan. Seriously no wrong way with this quick snack.

Sexy Conversation Heart Cookies (NSFW)

Fair warning: if you're squeamish about sex or not into a few "dirty" words or one of my parents (haha), you might want to skip this post. 

It's probably not the most appropriate thing to have open at work either unless you work at some super cool kind of place. 

OK. Disclaimer over--now we can play!

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