Flourless Walnut Fig Cake

Flourless cakes are one of my favorite desserts for dinner parties and celebrations (seriously--I shared a few of my other faves at the end of this post!). This super easy and naturally gluten-free Flourless Walnut Fig Cake is made using freshly ground walnuts as the "flour." It produces a nutty and flavorful cake that is both gorgeous and super satisfying.

Spiced Yellow Squash Soup

I'm one of those cooks who rarely makes the same thing twice. There are a handful of things in my repertoire, but even with them I can't resist the temptation to experiment and improvise. I always want to try and taste and play around to see how far I can push it...how far I can reach.

This summer squash soup--or at least the bones of it--is one I make again and again, just a tiny bit differently each time. I've added other squashes like butternut or kuri. I've tossed in fruit like apples or peaches. I add chilies, spices, chunks of coconut, herbs, and even things like chickpeas or lentils for a bit more body.

Pasta Arrabiata

I can't talk about arrabiata pasta without telling you about Sergio, the guy who taught me what arrabiata means in Italian.

Mango Saffron Ginger Ice Cream

About once a year or so, I take out my ice cream maker and use it obsessively for a couple weeks, before storing it away and not thinking about making ice cream again for months and months and months.

This years binge resulted in a few batches of sorbet (like this Simple Cantaloupe Sorbet), a straightforward mango ice cream (for Eugene, who prefers his ice creams straightforward), and this very NOT straightforward Mango Saffron Ginger Ice Cream for myself.

Simple Cantaloupe Sorbet

This Simple Cantaloupe Sorbet recipe is about as easy as it gets. Just pop a few things in a blender, puree, freeze in your ice cream maker and boom! Sweet and refreshing sorbet that tastes just as good (or maybe even slightly better!) than the fruit itself.

Spicy Pineapple Cilantro Moscow Mules

Show me a cocktail menu, and I will immediately order the spiciest thing I see. And if it's got a bit of fresh herbs or tart fruit in it? Even better!

These Spicy Pineapple Cilantro Moscow Mules are perfect for summer parties. You can prep them in advance, then mix just before drinking.

One-Pot Spicy Pineapple Chicken Tacos

Work has been bringing me all over the country lately, which is great, but it also means being away from home for stretches of days at a time. Eugene is generally pretty good about sorting out meals while I'm gone, but I do like to try and make it a little bit easier by leaving a few simple things behind that he can easily heat up or at least use as the base for several meals.

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