Truly Decadent

Ahh...funnel cake! Simultaneously spongy and crisp with pillowy drifts of light-as-air sugar. The loops and twists of this theme park favorite rival those of the fastest coaster. Burnt fingertips and dusts of powdered sugar on your thighs--doesn't get much better than this. This particular pastry was purchased and consumed on a sunny Sunday afternoon at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ.

Can't get out to the park? Why not make your own at home?


  1. Burnt Fingertips!! LOL
    I havent had funnel cake in sooooooooooo long!YUM

  2. I've never had a funnel cake and it sounds so good. I must try one.

  3. Oh my God! Funnel cake is my ultimate theme park food. So delicious. Half the time, it's the REASON I go to the theme park in the first place! I tried making my own once, good, but not quite AS good.

  4. I never knew funnel cake was made from pate a choux! I dislike pate a choux normally (unless stuff with creme patissiere and coated in chocolate ganache) but I love funnel cakes! I didn't know it was so easy!


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