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I'm in the middle of my mock-Thanksgiving party prepping craziness, but I thought it might be fun to tell you about a few blogs I've discovered recently. If you haven't seen them yet, they definitely deserve a gander. (They're not all food blogs, but they are all lovely.)

Mae Bird: I'm a little bit in love with the photography and sentiment on this blog. Each time my reader tells me that there's a new post, my belly does a little jump of excitement.

Not Drowning, Mothering: This blog is my absolute brand new favorite blog. It's so my favorite that I'm actually not sure why I listed it second. The blog itself isn't brand new; it was around for a while before I even found it, which meant that I once spent several hours (when I should have been writing) reading the archives and giggling. The writer, known as the NDM, has a brilliant voice and I have never once not loved a post or found myself laughing OUT LOUD (and for real, too. Not just that patronizing IM "LOL"). She's a mom with a clever husband, a gaggle of kids (both hers and her friend's), and a delightful turn of phrase. If you've ever read and loved Shirley Jackson's "Life Among the Savages," I think you'll like. (And even if you haven't, so don't let that be your excuse not to check it out.)

Honey & Jam: I'm so amazed by this young writer/photographer/baker's writing and photos. Something about it just makes my eyes and heart happy.

The British Larder: A recent afternoon I came across about a half-dozen photos on Tastespotting that really caught my eye. Each time I clicked on them, they brought me to this blog, which is written by a UK-based professional chef. Some truly gorgeous and inventive dishes here.

Pacing the Panic Room Floor
: Like NDM, this one is also not at all a food blog, but have you been? Have you seen the gorgeous photos and read the beautifully honest prose written by this new dad? He's a photographer and a (new) father who writes with such love about his family.

I'm off to the kitchen now (am already behind schedule, actually), but I hope that you go check out these sites. And maybe tell me about your own recent favorites in the comments below?



  1. its actually honey and jam, not milk and honey, it seems! :)

  2. Well, when I saw Mae Bird and Honey & Jam among your favorites, I knew I'd like your others, and I was right! Thanks for listing these - so fun to have new places to enjoy.

  3. Oh you're right, Anon! I actually knew the real name but for some reason my brain typed it incorrectly. It's been corrected!


  4. Aw, thanks for mentioning me! your blog is lovely.


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