On Jell-O Salads

Lime Cheese Salad, originally uploaded by larry&flo.
This isn't the exact Jell-O salad I will be serving at the party next weekend, but it's pretty close. I'm a little terrified that my gelatin dishes won't un-mold properly. I'm guessing many 60s hostesses also dealt with the same anxiety.

While the combination of lime, pineapple, and cucumber might seem a little bit odd, I'm reassured by the fact that my absolute favorite cocktail includes these very same ingredients. Maybe I should just add a little gin to the recipe and make it a Jell-O salad-shot...


  1. I saw your tweet today about this and had to smile. So many memories of great Jello dishes. You've got me thinking of making one myself! Don't worry about the unmolding. A warm washcloth over the mold works very well, but someone recently told me she sprays her molds with Pam before pouring in the Jello!

  2. That Jell-O salad is terrifying. Grated onion? Topped with seafood salad?!

    Now, lime, pineapple and cucumber sounds absolutely delicious.

    As for your unmolding fears, hopefully this advice helps a little bit: My abuelita has been making gelatina for decades and she always uses a plastic mold, dips the bottom of the mold in hot water for 10 seconds, runs a paring knife around the top edge (about 1/2 inch down) and lets it sit for 1 minute on the plate (after inverting) before removing the mold. Her gelatinas come out perfect every time!

  3. Wow I never heard of jelly with salad. Can't wait to hear how it turns out.

    Kate x

  4. I am so afraid. I didn't know anyone *ever* combined the words "jell-o" and "salad" anymore...but best of luck!

  5. I have lots of memories with my favorite Jell-O! I have done lots of things with it I can't hardly remember some!

  6. i love your photos. great shots! keep it up!


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