Help me beat Tyler Florence in the Shorty Awards!

It's January, which means it's award season and the Shorty Awards (think of them as the Oscars of Twitter) are officially accepting nominations for the best Twitter users in a variety of categories. I have been nominated for an award in the #food category and am doing quite well, but I have one major obstacle. His name is Tyler Florence.

Now I love Tyler. He's adorable and his cookbook is one of my favorites...but does he REALLY need the publicity and recognition of a Shorty Award? No way! The dude already has shows and cookbooks.

I, on the other hand, don't have shows and cookbooks (yet!) and I think this Shorty award could help me get a little closer. Don't you want to help me get a little closer? (Hint: It only takes 15 seconds!)

I thought you might!!

Here is what you can do: Unlike other awards that ask you to set up an account or login, you can easily submit your vote via Twitter using your existing account; or through the site using your Twitter login info. It takes 15 seconds and would mean the world to me. How great is that? Just 15 seconds to make my day!

So I'm asking, if you've enjoy chatting with me on Twitter or have ever gotten a recipe from me that you really loved...would you give me 15 seconds to nominate me?

Here are the two easy ways to do this:

1. Visit, sign in using your existing Twitter account, enter why you're nominating me, then hit submit. Voila! That's all!


2. Simply Tweet the following sentence on the Twitter website or through whatever service you use to update your account (Tweetdeck, Twitterberry, etc.)
"I nominate @nandita for a Shorty Award in #food because...
[enter your reason here; doesn't have to be super complicated]"

That's it!!
Oh but you want to do MORE?!
  • Retweet this link out to your followers and ask them to vote for me too.
  • Pop this link into your Facebook status so that others can support the cause.
  • E-mail this out to everyone you know and ask them to support my campaign.

Together we can totally take down Tyler!!

*I took the above photo at an event I went to last year where I met Tyler and Duff. They were both great and while I can't remember the exact conversation they were having in that picture, I'm pretty sure it went something like that...

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  1. I spread the word on my blog....good luck!!

  2. Hey babe. do i have to create a twitter account in order to nominate you? I dont tweet or twit or whatever it is lol. Let me know! xoxo


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