Happy Easter Weekend!!

It's a gorgeous (Good!) Friday and I'm so excited for this weekend! Do you have any fun plans?

To celebrate the beautiful weather that has finally arrived in New York, I want to share a few random links to things that have caught my eye and inspired me this week. Some are food related. Some are wedding related. Some are simply lovely!




Mallory from the Salty Cod got married!! AND she made her own cake (just like I plan to).

A new friend gave me this Wedding Cake Art & Design book the other day. I've been getting lots of ideas from it.

Gorgeous giant paper flowers! I definitely plan on incorporating these into my wedding decor (for now they're just lovely-fying my living room).

Ramshackle Glam! My latest blog addiction (don't you just love the name?!)

I'm definitely going to be trying my hand at making some homemade mascarpone this weekend!

Pretty white porcelain tumblers from Williams Sonoma (definitely going on my registry).

Why oh why can't we have Cadbury Cream Eggs all year long like they do in Europe?

Turn discarded wine corks into a cork board!

I love going into Flickr and typing the phrase "chocolate bunnies" into the search box.

And even better than chocolate bunnies? A bread bunny!


  1. Love that you are making your own cake! Happy Easter.

  2. Thanks so much for the link, and good luck with your batch of mascarpone! What are you going to make with it?

  3. Love the picture of the Easter eggs! We finally have warm weather here in NC, I'm so happy it's spring!

  4. Happy Easter! Thanks for sharing all of your fave thinks i'm loving the chocolate bunnies and glam site! Can't wait to see how the mascarpone turns out.

  5. Um, who in Europe has Cadbury Cream Eggs all year round? Not here in France! Love 'em! And I made my own wedding cake but we're talking about a wedding party of 12! Can't wait to see yours! What fun!

  6. Apparently in the UK they have them all year (at least, that's the rumor). I love them!

  7. What pretty eggs! Hope you had a Happy Easter. I'm loving all of the wedding planning tidbits. : ) Congratulations, by the way.


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