Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

I'm running a bit late today with my weekend links, but I'm hoping that you'll take a peek at these over the coming days. Perhaps over a lazy cup of tea tomorrow morning?

Sunday is Mother's Day so our weekend will be mom-centric. First dinner at Brasserie 8 1/2 with Eugene's mom and family, and on Sunday we're going to church and brunch with my family.

I'm also working on a piece to submit for the 48 Hour Mag project (which is just fantastic!) and am planning to sit down and work out my calendar for the summer. I can't reveal full details yet, but I'm working on some really exciting events that will be open to all of you!

Things like a live cooking demo at the New York Botanical Gardens, my 2nd annual Always Order Dessert Food Blogger--and food lover!--Picnic (I'm actually thinking of hosting two this year!), and an entertaining workshop that I'm currently developing. I'm also helping a bit with the planning for a very cool food and media-related benefit/bake-off taking place next month. I should have more details for you about all of these events pretty soon, and am hoping that I'll see some (or all!) of you there!

So while I head off to work on this stuff, here are a few cool things I've spotted this week.

Enjoy your weekend, and Happy Mother's Day to the moms among you (and to the moms who made you)!


Gorgeous photos of homemade chilaquiles by Channelle.

These are supposed to be cookies, but they look like potatoes to me. Either way, very cute poster.

I am in love with these blooming champagne cocktails with wild hibiscus. I kind of want to drop these little blossoms at the bottom of everyone's glass at my wedding.

And buy your own preserved hibiscus flowers here.

Make your mother (or yourself) a batch of homemade vanilla salt.

Or maybe some of these macadamia maple sticky bars? (Man, do I love macadamia nuts!)

I love this little envelope necklace.

I keep hearing about Toasted Marshmallow Milkshakes. Seems like something I need to try soon!

And another delicious pistachio cake!

Wouldn't this make a fun (and adorable!) centerpiece for a party? Photo Pinwheel Garden from Photojojo.

I want to make some of the Paper Curtains for my library. (via Snippet & Ink)

On eating alone.

Love these food-related watercolors from Vanilla Bug!

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