Our Retro Engagement Photo Shoot

retro engagement photo Alejandra Ramos
Eugene and I had our engagement photo shoot on Saturday. My amazing (and amazingly talented) friend Monica Navarro was the photographer, and we're blown away by the incredible job that she did. The photos aren't quite ready for showtime yet as they still need to be edited, but I have absolutely zero patience and couldn't wait any longer to share a few of them with you.

You know I'm wild about all things vintage, so I wanted to photos to have a 1940s feel to them. Though Eugene drew the line at wearing suspenders, I think he looks quite dapper in his new gray summer suit.

I did my own hair and make-up (I've been doing my hair this way since high school when I somehow convinced my two best friends to be "1940s girls" with me for Halloween), and wore a fascinator Eugene got me at the 9th Ave Street Fair a couple weeks ago.

The restaurant photos in this series were all taken at Son Cubano, a wonderful Cuban restaurant in the Meatpacking district that I highly recommend. As soon as we saw the place we knew it would be perfect for the photos (with that 1940s Havana feel) so we ordered some food and pulled out the camera. We never quite explained what we were doing, but the waiters and hostess were all very gracious in letting us take as many pictures as we wanted. I'm so happy about this, because these photos ended up being my favorite of the day.

I hope you enjoy!


Alejandra Ramos1940s style engagement photo
Alejandra Ramos retro 1940s photoshoot
retro engagement photos
retro engagement photos
Alejandra Ramos 1940s engagement photo

Photography: Monica Navarro, Iloveparentheses.com
Hair & Make-Up: Alejandra Ramos
Dress: StopStaring! (Purchased from Modcloth.com)
Eugene's Suit: Banana Republic
Location: Son Cubano Restaurant; Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum, New York, NY

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