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It's been making me a bit sad how quiet it's been around here. My brain has officially been taken over by the wedding. I tried to resist and insist that I could soldier on as normal with my full-time job and planning the wedding and posting delicious recipes and posts and ideas right up until the big day, but that does not seem possible anymore. I even admit that I haven't been doing much creating in the kitchen lately.

I have been cooking, but it's mostly simple things. Things that don't need recipes or that just seem to fall together in the pan while my brain heads off elsewhere counting tables, chairs, guests, stamps, minutes, dollars. This wedding, I've learned, is what grade school math was preparing me for. It wasn't for college or for my job or for the grocery store checkout line. Nope, it was so that one day I could stand in the middle of the ribbon department at Kate's Paperie and accurately calculate how many yards of red satin ribbon I would need to create belly bands that wrap one and a quarter times around 87 four and a quarter inch wedding invitations...without a calculator. (Just under 26, if you're wondering.)

So I found out that I'm a math genius, but dinner has consequently become secondary: whole wheat spaghetti tossed with pesto leftover from a summer bounty of fresh basil, roasted sweet potatoes served with Greek yogurt, giant bowls of peppery arugula dressed in lemon juice topped with sardines straight from the can, Honeycrisp apples and peanut butter, loaves of Balthazar bread served along hunks of Truffle Tremor and salami. Oh and one glorious night when I arrived home late and totally exhausted to find that Eugene had stopped at Di Paolo's and bought me a perfectly round ball of burrata, lush and plump with cream and stracciatella. I sat right on the couch and ate it all; a perfect dinner.

Fortunately for you (and this blog), I do have new recipes. Recipes that I created a while ago, but never quite got around to posting. Recipes that were apparently waiting for this moment. Stay tuned; I won't leave you hungry for too long...



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