Party Inspiration: Pink Chocolate Birthday

Today is my 28th birthday, and while usually I would throw a big bash to celebrate, our wedding less than one month ago has left us a bit partied out.

So, instead I decided to create an inspiration board for the kind of party I would have liked to have hosted (and the one which I surely will sometime in the future for another occasion).

Pink, chocolate, and sweet retro elements were my inspiration--I hope they'll also be yours!

From Left to right, top to bottom: 1. Bubbling pink champagne (from Redbook 12/10), 2. Pecan Pie Truffes from, 3. Elizabeth Taylor (via Confessions of a Perfume Nerd), 4. Pink living room by Steven Gambrell, 5. Retro Palmolive ad, 6. pink lollipop, 7. Retro styled soaps by 3 Soaps via Country Living, 8. Radish & Chive tea sandwiches from Bon Appetit, 9. Pink and gold tea cups by Yedi Housewares, 10. Flowers on side table from Good Housekeeping 7/09, 11. Polka dots from Martha Stewart, 12. Pink flowered cake from

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