Chocolate, Pecan, and Butterscotch Topped Cheesecake for Fox News iMag

As I mentioned last week, I recently taped a few holiday dessert segments for Fox News iMag showing some fun and easy ways to personalized store-bought treats (the segments were done in conjunction with Sara Lee Desserts). The second of these segments has just been posted so I'm sharing it with you today!

Of the three recipes I did that day, this one is my favorite. I took a plain cheesecake and created a delicious chocolate ganache and homemade butterscotch topping--basically a twist on the classic "turtle" dessert. When I initially got the details for this shoot, the recipe idea Sara Lee sent over called for jarred chocolate and caramel sauces, but I was like "Oh no, that's not my thing" and asked if it would be OK to just make the sauces from scratch since they only take a few minutes each to make and taste SO much better than anything you can find at the grocery store. Thankfully, they agreed!

These sauces make a fabulous topping for any type of cake, but can also be used to top ice cream or yogurt, as a dip for fruit, and to fill cookies. Both keep really well in the fridge for a couple weeks (if you can keep your spoon away from the jar long enough!).

Click below to watch the video.

To get the written recipe, visit iMag's Food Page

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