Video: How to Make Rocky Road Fudge

I've been wanting to add more video content to the blog, but it's been tricky as I work solo (or sola, rather) 98% of the time so there hasn't really been anyone who can handle the camera work for me.

This weekend I decided to just go for it, with Eugene handling the camera, which I rented from Adorama here in the city. We basically just figured it out as we went along with fairly decent results and filmed footage for 5 different videos that I will edit and post over the coming weeks. I'm still getting the hang of the editing (I'm using iMovie), but it's always fun learning a new skill! I look back at the first photos I posted on this blog and see how far I've come so I know first-hand the value of just diving right in. I hope you enjoy!

P.S. The Rocky Road Fudge recipe I made here is actually an older one from last year, which you can find here:

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