Kitchen Tip: How to Serve Salmon

I had to meet one of my editors in midtown a couple weeks ago. After the meeting, I found myself wandering around some shops and then decided to take myself out for an impromptu solo dinner at one of my favorite restaurants.

It was a lovely sort of evening, and I left the meal with a few recipe ideas and a tip that I hadn't thought of before. Here's the tip:

Serve salmon skin-side up. 

It seems pretty basic, but what I love about it is that it celebrates the skin, which is THE healthiest part of the salmon. All those good Omega 3s? Yeah...they live in the skin. And yet, when the salmon is served skin-side down, I find that most people tend to just eat the meat and leave the skin like it's some kind of inedible wrapper.

Such a waste!

So next time, try plating your salmon with the skin up! Cooked until very crisp (here's how) and sprinkled with a bit of good sea salt, it's absolutely stunning.

Let me know if you try it!

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