Donate a Recipe to Help Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

Hey guys!

As you know, folks in NYC and NJ were recently hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, and many lost their homes or were left without power and gas. There are many groups working hard to help, but I wanted to share a cool opportunity that I think many of you will appreciate.

There is a group called UWS Loves, based on the Upper West Side here in NYC. It's a small group run by a few friends who have basically turned their apartment into a donation headquarters. They have been cooking, baking, and gathering supply donations, which they are then driving down to distribute in hard-hit areas of Brooklyn on a daily basis. It's a simple grass-roots organization--just people who care helping out those in need.

I'm going to be spending my Friday and Saturday cooking trays of hot food and baked goods for them to distribute, and if you're in the area, I'm sure they'd love the help, but I also loved their "Donate a Recipe" campaign.

Described here:
"To continue to provide food made from our hearts, we are asking for donations of recipes.  If you are able to donate the cost of the recipe that would truly be special, it would be like you are here with us!  We are asking 25 dollars for a sandwich recipe, 40 dollars for a baked good, 75 for a side dish, and 100 for a entree.  All of the food is done in large quantities, so you would be feeding at least 25 people with your donation."
I think this is such a cool and direct way to help so just wanted to share that with you! If you want to donate, hop on over to their site or email them directly at:

Even if you can't donate financially, they'd love your tried-and-true recipes to cook--think dishes that are hearty, affordable to make, and which can be multiplied to serve large groups. And if you can afford to pay for the ingredients, too, even better!!

You can also help by following them on Twitter and Facebook, and sharing info about them with your friends. Since they're located on the Upper West Side, it's a great place for folks in uptown Manhattan to help out with Sandy relief. 

I'm going to be taking photos and sharing about my experience with them this weekend and will post that for you on Sunday. If you have any questions about any of the above, please feel free to email me!

Lots of love!


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