Delicious Find: Dairy Tonic

I bought this interesting beverage at Murray's Cheese last week and thought I should share as it is very, very good.

It's called "Dairy Tonic," by White Cow Dairy, and it's a tangy, spiced, very lightly-sweetened beverage made from whey leftover from yogurt production. It's a little bit effervescent and the flavor I chose ("tarahumara") can best be described as a kind of curried spicy lemonade, which sounds horrible, but is actually really wonderful.

It's the sort of thing you can drink for breakfast and feel very good and wholesome about. Tangy beverages like this always feel very good and healthy going down.

(I'm also in love with the little glass bottle. The label peels off and you end up with a perfect little bottle that can be reused again and again.)

They had other flavors available, so I definitely plan to try more. I also think it seems like something that could be made at home using drained whey from homemade yogurt (or just from straining regular--not Greek--yogurt).

Have you ever seen or tried this?

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