Weekend Living: DIY Mod Podge Collage Plates

One my favorite activities from the Sweet Escape Retreat I hosted last month was the Mod Podge crafting session, during which I taught the attendees how to use the uber-versatile decoupage glue to create DIY Decorative Collage Plates

Once dry, these personalized decorative plates can be used to hold jewelry or loose change on a dresser, wrapped candies or candles on the coffee table, or even soaps or guest towels in the powder room. Some of the ladies at the retreat turned their plates into functional vision boards, cutting out images and quotes to keep them inspired every time they look at the plate.

I asked my awesome intern Ariana to show you how to make your own DIY Mod Podge Collage Plates. Check out her step-by-step tutorial below:

How to Make DIY Mod Podge Collage Plates


1. Clear glass plate (can have small textures or patterns in the glass as long as it's clear, not frosted)
2. Mod Podge (glossy or matte)
3. Old magazines, scrapbook paper, tissue paper, or photographs
4. 1-2 clean sponge brushes
6. Plastic bag or tarp for protecting your work surface
7. Scissors

Step 1. Wash and dry the plate, and cover your surface with the plastic to protect it. Gather all your materials.

Step 2. Cut out the images that you are going to be using on the plate and set aside. Cut out more images than you think you'll need, and be sure to test out the pattern by laying it out on the plate before you add glue as it will be difficult to remove images once you start.

Step 3. Once you have an idea about how you will lay out the images, turn the plate over and use the foam paint brush to apply a thin layer of glue on a portion of the plate. 

Step 4. Take the cut outs and press them onto the plate with the image you desire facing away from you. The clippings should stick to the glue. Rub over the picture to get rid of air bubbles. Keep applying glue and adding on more pictures to overlap and eliminate blank holes until you cover the entire surface of the plate. 

(Note: Pictures can hang off the edges because they will be cut off later.)

Step 5. Paint a thick layer of glue on the back of the plate once you've finished applying the pictures. Let the glue dry, and apply two more layers allowing 10-15 minutes of drying time between each additional coat. 

Step 6. After adding the final coat, let the plate dry overnight so that it completely hardens and cures. When all the glue is dry and you are happy with the images, trim the outer edges as close to the glass plate as possible.

If desired, you can apply an additional coat of glue around the trimmed edges to seal the plate. 

Final Product: The final plates can be used for decorative purposes to hold jewelry or candles, or as a candy dish. Avoid using them for eating, as washing the plates repeatedly can damage the collage. (And I think it goes without saying that these are NOT dishwasher safe.)


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