Travel Diaries: Óbidos, Portugal

One of the things I loved most about our week-long stay in Portugal, was having the time to explore the surrounding villages. The owners of the home we rented left us a binder filled with suggestions and information about the area, and one of their recommendations was the city of Obidos.

Described as a "must-see," Obidos was absolutely my favorite place we visited in Portugal. Located at the top of a large hill, the entire medieval city is surrounded by a fortified wall.

Stepping into it is like going back in time (or at least onto a film set); with narrow cobblestone streets, tiny shops, and horses that clop through the stone city.
We spent the day strolling around the village, poking in and out of shops and tasting local specialties.
(Like gelato made from a local sour cherry liqueur and egg pastries.)

I love the name of this store--"Pleasure & Vice Chocolate Shop."

Some of the group went up to climb the high, narrow wall that surrounds the city, but I prefer to stay close to the ground and so Ilana and took the opportunity to do a bit of shopping instead.

One of our favorite finds was this incredible bookstore, which displayed books inside old winecrates that lined the walls.

One end of the store also featured a small food market, where we ended up buying vegetables for that evening's dinner.

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