Kitchen Tip: How to Truss a Turkey (or a Chicken!)

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Step 1
Start off with a piece of kitchen twine that's about three times an arms length.

Fold the twine in half to find the center, then hook the center of the twine behind the bump where the head used to be and pull each half of the string forward around the breast to the front where the cavity is. Tie into a surgeon’s knot to secure.

Step 2
Wrap each end of the twine around opposite legs of the turkey and pull tightly so that the little legs kind of cross over. Continue to pull the twine forward and back along the opposite side of the breast towards the wing.

Step 3
Wrap each end of the twin around the wing, hooking it on the little bone flap on each wing and bring all the way around to the other side of the turkey (flip the bird at this point!) and secure with a half surgeons knot

Step 4
Pull the twine up toward the bottom end of the bird (cavity end) and around to the front (flip the bird breast-side up again) and tie with a surgeon’s knot over the legs.

Cut off any excess twine, and there you have it! A perfectly trussed bird.

Need more visuals? Check out this great illustrated guide here:

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