5 Fabulous Last-Minute Gifts You Can Buy at the Grocery Store

DIY Gift Basket Ideas from the Grocery Store
So here's my little secret: one of my favorite places to buy last-minute gifts is the grocery store!

Even the most basic supermarket usually has tons of fun and inexpensive goodies that can easily be packaged into a great gift for those last few folks on your shopping list. And the best thing is that many grocery stores are open super late or even 24 hours, so you can run in at night long after all the other regular shops are closed.

And this isn't just for the holidays...this tip is also great all year long--baby showers, bachelorette parties, hostess gifts--the supermarket is your friend, friend!

Below are some awesome gifts you can give from items commonly found at a typical supermarket:

1. International Themed Dinner Basket
Spanish wine and cheese gift basket
So first you pick a country. Think something like "Italian Pasta Night" or "Spanish Paella Party." Then you stock up--grab a box of the fanciest looking dried pasta or a bag of Spanish rice.

 A couple jars from the spice aisle. Some dried chorizo or salami. A jar of artisan pasta sauce. A wedge of good cheese. A bar of dark chocolate or a box of biscotti.

Tuck them with tissue paper into a basket or an inexpensive ceramic bowl, and there you go!

2. Gift a Cozy Night In
DIY Books & Tea gift basket
Many grocery stores carry a pretty great selection of recent popular novels and nonfiction. Grab one or two books you think your friend might enjoy.

Pair it up with a few other goodies good for a cozy night in like a box of fancy tea, a bag of caramels or cookies, maybe even a cute mug and a pair of warm fuzzy socks.

Tuck it all into a paper gift bag from the greeting card aisle, and you're good to go!

3. The Gift of Nostalgia
DIY Childhood Favorites gift basket
This one is perfect for siblings or friends you've known since childhood. Think back to the favorite treats you enjoyed as kids, and pull together a selection of them!

If I were to do this for my brother, I'd probably grab things like those Chuckles gummy candies, Milano cookies, marshmallow-covered Sno-Balls, circus peanuts, those mini boxes of Fruity Pebbles, etc. You might even hit up the magazine aisle and grab a couple issues of the magazines you used to read as kids (think stuff like Highlights, Boy's Life or Archie).

To finish it off, check out the kid's toy aisle or those toy machines near the check-out: nothing like a sticky hand or funky monster finger puppets to make anyone feel like a kid again!

4. A DIY Spa Day
DIY Spa Day Gift Basket
From fancy soaps to pretty nail polishes, you can find just about everything you need to create a spa day at home for a special someone.

Grab some Epsom salts from the first aid aisle. A nice rich lotion. Some single-packet face masks. A jar of coconut oil. A loofah or set of scrubby gloves. One of those microwavable neck wraps. You can usually even find things like essential oils and scented candles.

Don't forget a few fun magazines!

Wrap it all up, and you'll have a pampering gift basket that rivals ones found at luxury department stores!

5. Impractical Goodies for the Cook or Baker
DIY Gourmet Goodies Gift Basket
So here's the thing, those of us who love to cook usually love the grocery store. It's a chance to browse around see all kinds of fun and fascinating products. But because we're usually at the store when we're shopping for specific items or on a budget, most of those other fun, but impractical, items usually never make it home with us.

So this is your chance to surprise your favorite kitchen maven with all the things she usually passes up!

Think things like luxurious spices (saffron! Vietnamese cinnamon! vanilla beans!). Bars of really great chocolate. Fun sprinkles or cake toppers. Fancy fruit spread or curds from the jam aisle. Flavored honey, oil, or vinegars. Luxury salts. Artisan crackers. The list is basically endless!

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