Travel Diaries: A Weekend in the Hamptons

As much as I love New York City, I also adore the occasional weekend escape out of the city...especially during the summer!

A few weeks ago, Eugene and I dropped Hudson off at my parents' house, packed our bags, and drove a few hours east to Sag Harbor for a little Hamptons beach weekend in the sun.

The highlight of our trip was getting to attend a couple fancy foodie parties at the gorgeous Tasting Table Hampton's House. I was invited by the team at Coca-Cola Life to experience and share about the parties, which featured gorgeous food, drinks, backyard games, and lots of other goodies.

Here are a few pictures from our weekend, plus some of my favorite things that we ate and did in case you're planning your own Hamptons trip this summer!

Since a few of the parties we were attending were going to be in Sag Harbor, I logged onto Airbnb and found a great beach house located steps from the water. It was stunning! I was in my bikini and running toward the water within about 4 minutes from arrival.

On Saturday, morning, I woke up around 5AM and ran out onto the chilly beach to watch the sun rise.

It was so perfect...nobody else was out and the only sound was that of the water and birds. I'm so envious of people who get to enjoy that gorgeous peaceful view every morning.

When Eugene finally woke up a few hours later, we headed to Estia's Little Kitchen--a farm-to-table Mexican restaurant for breakfast. It was fantastic! They made their own homemade salsas with fresh local herbs.

We even had a minor celebrity spotting; Isaac Mizrahi and his husband Arnold Germer were having breakfast there, too. I made the mistake of subtly and quietly pointing him out to Eugene who loudly shouted back, "THE DESIGNER?! WHERE?"

(That was the last time I will ever point out a celebrity to him. Ever.)

After a few hours wandering and shopping in town, Eugene and I picked up some local goodies (cheese from Cavaniola's Cheese Shop, bread, wine, cookies from Tate's, etc.) and had ourselves a little beach picnic.

Later that afternoon, we attended a rosé wine tasting at the Tasting Table house, where we were greeted at the door with cocktails, then entered what is basically the house (and backyard!) of my dreams.

(Oh the parties I could throw!).

We sipped rosé, enjoyed little fancy sandwiches and raw oysters, and chatted with new and old friends.

The chefs in the kitchen were creating fun treats to share, including these delicious frozen rosé slushies, which took about 30 seconds to make and were so fun.

(Stay tuned for that recipe!)

The next morning we slept in (it was gray and rainy and cold!), then headed back to the Tasting Table house for brunch featuring a DIY Bloody Mary bar with all the fixin's

Eugene took full advantage of the bloody mary bar, but I just stuck with the bacon because I have priorities.

It was candied bacon! And I definitely had at least three slices of it, plus one more "for the road" before we left.

No shame, kids. No shame.

The brunch menu was gorgeous, including dishes like this wild smoked salmon salad with charred citrus, a very cool green bean salad with cherries, chorizo omelets, and bottles of chilled Coca-Cola Life.

(I also fell in love with these mini avocado toast appetizers with preserved lemons. So great!)

After brunch, Eugene got me to join him for a game of ping pong, but I'm very bad at ping pong, so he swiftly regretted that.

After a few hours of relaxing, we reluctantly got back into our car for the drive home to the city.

(Though we did stop in Southhampton at Sant Ambroeus for ice cream, first!)

Thanks to Coca-Cola Life for inviting me out for this lovely weekend! I tried out Coca-Cola Life before agreeing to partner with them, and can honestly say I'm a fan!

It's sweetened with a mix of real cane sugar and stevia, but has that great fizzy nostalgic taste that's perfect with pizza or while watching a movie.

If you love the taste of Coke, but are thoughtful about things like calories or what kind of sugars you consume, I think it's a great choice!

Disclosure: This is sponsored collaboration with Coca-Cola Life. I was compensated for my time and social shares, but all opinions are my own. Follow Coca-Cola life on Instagram and Twitter for more fun summer inspiration!

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