5 Quick Ways to Get Out of a Funk

We all have those days when it feels like nothing is going right. Whether it's tension at work or school, or stress at home, here are five quick ideas to help you shake out the cobwebs and get back to work (or life!) feeling refreshed and inspired.

1. Get Rid of Something You Don't Love
Physical clutter has a sneaky way of weighing down on us without even realizing it. There is a definite negative energy that arises when you find yourself surrounded by objects that you don't need or like. When I need a quick mental burst, the surest way is to pick a drawer or closet or cabinet or shelf, and just toss something. Pull out a sweater to donate, throw out a pile of old Christmas cards, or even take down a painting you never really enjoyed that much. Don't worry about how much it cost or if it was a gift--if you aren't crazy about it, just ditch it. A few weeks ago, I threw out everything that was on my refrigerator door--promotional magnets, store receipts, postcards, etc. I cleared off the entire door and was AMAZED by how much fresher and lighter everything suddenly felt.

2. Cross Something Quick Off Your To-Do List
Been meaning to schedule a dentist appointment? Have a few dresses you've been meaning to get dry cleaned? Need to request a copy of an old invoice you lost? We all have a few nagging things on our to-do list that we put off for no real reason in particular (I, admittedly, have like 20 of these things), but taking the time to just do ONE of them, will help ease up the stress and perhaps even free up a little mental space so you can move forward and tackle the rest.

3. Call Someone
I'm totally guilty of rarely picking up the phone (texting and FB are just so much easier!), but human connection IS important and it can really help to talk and laugh with someone when you're feeling a bit down. Making plans and going out is even better, but a quick 5-10 minute call is a great way to start.

4.  Drink a Huge Glass of Very Cold Water
This seems so basic, but hear me out. Drinking water is the easiest healthy thing that you can do for your body. It seriously takes zero effort, but for some reason so many of us never drink enough of it. So go do it--get up, fill a tall glass, and drink it down. It's refreshing and revitalizing, and might just be the bit of a breather you need before getting back to whatever you were doing. (As a bonus--I love prepping some fancy "spa water" to enjoy throughout the day. To prepare, simply fill up a pitcher or beverage dispenser and drop in one sliced cucumber, 1 sliced lemon, and a few sprigs of fresh mint. Keep this in the fridge at home or in your office, and make a goal to empty it by the end of the day. Easiest goal ever!)

5. Take a Walk Around the Block
Working inside all day can make you feel stuffy, tired, bored, and even sore. A bit of exercise can definitely help, but there is no need to go for anything complicated that involves you changing clothing, driving to the gym, or worrying about making it back in time. Just grab your coat, say you'll be right back, and take a walk around the block, your building, or even just the parking lot. It's just a couple minutes, but it will refresh you and keep you going for the rest of the day. Even better if you can get a coworker or family member to come along!

Do you have any personal favorite tricks for getting out of a funk? Share below!

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