Grilled Lime Mojitos

Well it's officially summer, which means it's time to throw everything on the grill and never go inside!

(Well, on the weekends, at least!)

Summer is also prime cocktail season, and I'm excited to share this smoky twist on one of my forever faves--Grilled Lime Mojitos!

Throwing limes on the grill to char them up before muddling with rum and mint gives the cocktail a smokier and slightly bitter twist that is perfect for those of you who love slightly assertive flavors. It feels sophisticated and little bit sexy.

Think of this drink as your beach mojito's much cooler older sister.

To up the ante, I also used smoked brown sugar, which you can buy online or even make yourself if you have a smoker. I made mine and totally recommend it if you have the equipment.

I used applewood chips and regular old turbinado sugar; note that if you don't have a smoker or smoked brown sugar, regular raw sugar totally works, too.

If you can grill the limes on an outdoor grill do that--the actual smoke will add tons of flavor.

I hope you enjoy this gorgeous, grown-up version of this beachy favorite. I think I want to add charred citrus to everything now. Smokey margaritas, anyone?

If you enjoy this cocktail, check out a few of my other fun summer cocktail recipes like these Fresh Ginger Margaritas and these Smashed Watermelon Rum drinks.

Grilled Lime Mojitos
Serves 2

2 whole limes (choose big juicy ones!)
20 fresh mint leaves + additional mint for garnish
2 tablespoons smoked brown sugar (source here -- affiliate link) or regular turbinado sugar
2 ounces white rum
Club soda

Equipment: 2 tall cocktail glasses, muddler (or back of a wooden spoon)

Preheat a grill or grill pan. Cut one of the limes into 8 wedges. Slice the other lime into rounds (these will be used as a garnish).

Brush the grill with vegetable or coconut oil, and place the lime wedges and rounds directly on the grates. Let grill 1-2 minutes, until slightly charred, then turn to grill the other side.

Remove from heat and let cool.

To prepare drinks,  place 4 grilled lime wedges, 10 mint leaves and 1 tablespoon sugar in each glass and muddle to release the juices and essential oils. Muddle until the sugar has mostly dissolved in each glass. Fill each glass with ice then add the rum, and top each glass with a splash of club soda. Stir well then garnish glasses with additional mint and the grilled lime rounds. Serve immediately.

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