Curvy Style: A Flattering Flowy Dress for Hot Summer Days

I love a bright dress.

For some reason, there's an idea that New Yorkers are all about black, but that's never been true for me. My closet is a rainbow of bright, bold shades. It's ideal since I work on camera (bright colors are always best on TV), but it's also how I want to dress when I'm not working.

I spotted this flowy mustard yellow off-the-shoulder dress on the sale rack at Anthropologie a few weeks ago, but ended up not buying it.

And then I did that thing that I'm sure a bunch of you have done, where I kept thinking about it for days after. Every time I went to get dressed, I found myself wishing I'd just bought that yellow dress.

So I hopped online and found that not only was it still available--it was on sale! I ordered it and wore it out for lunch with Eugene this past weekend. It's tissue-soft and breezy--perfect for these hot summer days.

I also like that the off-the-shoulder cut is flattering since it shows off my shoulders, while hiding the chubbier part of my arms that's never been my fave. It's like, why bother with tricep dips when you can just wear poofy princess sleeves instead, right?

(BTW, I totally got the blue one, too.)

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