You Should Watch Alice in Paris

If you were to turn the movie Amelie into a travel show, you'd probably get something pretty close to Alice in Paris.

I first spotted the show it while browsing my Amazon Prime library for something to watch a few weeks ago, and was instantly smitten! I ended up watching most of the first season in one night. It's originally a YouTube series (you can watch it online or via Amazon Prime Video), which means the episodes are each just a few minutes long, but they're absolutely worth watching.

Each episode is adorably quirky, beautifully shot, and features amazing French food.

It differs from most travel shows in that it's actually a scripted series with a cast of actors, but the restaurants, bars, and other food shops they feature are all real-life places you can actually visit. The first season features Alice, a college student with a huge appetite, exploring and eating her way through Paris.

Each episode has a tiny bit of a story line to it (nothing too elaborate, but short little stories that feature food as a central theme--picture a girl planning a first date, trying to find the best dish to bring to a potluck,  or finding ways to entertain the kids she's babysitting) as well as bits of magical realism and some light slapstick.

The second season gets a bit more advanced (you can tell the budget went up!), with a few additional characters, a bit more intrigue, and even some travel around various parts of France.

Definitely check out the show and let me know what you think!

(Though I suggest prepping a few snacks beforehand; I was craving cheese, baguettes, pastries, and other delicious French things about 1 minute into the first episode!)

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