Clemson Blood Orange Margaritas

Root for your faves with this easy and refreshing blood orange margarita. Can't find blood orange juice? Feel free to swap in regular orange juice and just add a dash of red food coloring--or even a spirit like Campari to get that perfect shade of Clemson orange.

And for the perfect finishing touch, make a batch of this easy homemade purple margarita salt using purple gel food coloring and regular kosher salt. It just takes a few seeconds to make, but it will make these fun Clemson margaritas extra special.

The homemade salt for these margaritas can be made days (or even weeks!) in advance, and will keep indefinitely as long as you store it in a cool dry place. (A zipped baggie in your pantry should do the trick!)

Having trouble getting the salt to stick to your cups? Swap brush the rim of your glass with corn syrup or honey then dip into the salt. It'll stay on perfectly AND taste delicious!

Go tigers!

Clemson Blood Orange Margaritas
Serves 8

For the purple salt
1/3 cup kosher salt
1/4 teaspoon violet gel food coloring

For the margaritas
2 cups blood orange juice (fresh or bottled)
1 cup fresh lime juice
2 cups gold tequila
1/4 cup orange liqueur (such as triple sec or cointreau)

Ice for serving

Combine salt and gel food coloring in a zipped plastic baggie. Close the baggie, then use your hands to massage the food color into the salt until it is evenly distributed and the salt is purple. (Can be made in advance. Store in a sealed container in a cool dry place. Will keep indefinitely.)

Make the margaritas. In a large pitcher or punch bowl, combine blood orange juice, lime juice, tequila, and orange liqueur. Chill.

To serve, rub outside of cup or glass with lemon wedge or water and dip into the purple salt. Fill cup with ice and pour in margarita.

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