My Omnivore's Hundred

Snails, Dulce de Leche, and a Big Mac Meal? These aren't items you'd usually find together, but they all make up part of The Omnivore's Hundred. A list of 100 foods that every self-respecting omnivore should try at least once in his or her life. During a time when just about everyone is talking about age and experience, this is definitely an interesting experiment. I scored a 76 on the list; not bad for a 25-year-old! I'm sure living in NY and having access to just about everything helped, but I tried some of these foods in some very unexpected places. Check out my list (with comments), and see how your own foodie experiences stack-up.

(And don't feel bad if you have to Google a few of these--I definitely did!)

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  1. Great list, Alejandra! I didn't count, but I am good 10-15 below you. I am sure you have had Tom Yum by the way! How could you have avoided that?

    Also, definitely laughed (then remembered the misery) about Krispy Kremes... I had completely blocked that out.


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