Fake-Thanksgiving was a Success!

As I mentioned the other day, I came up with the brilliant (and *very* last-minute) plan to throw an early Thanksgiving feast yesterday in order to prepare and photograph some of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes. I invited a bunch of friends over and got busy in the kitchen. The party was a success, and I can't wait to share the results. This week (and possibly some of next) is going to be "Thanksgiving Week" here on Always Order Dessert, with recipe ideas for your holiday table.

I'm editing and uploading the photos right now so you'll have to come back tomorrow for the details, but I've posted a little sneak peek of the turkey so you can see how lovely and golden it was. Careful observers might also notice that my bird is upside-down. That is Thanksgiving tip no. 1 around here! Birds are always better when they sleep (in the oven) on their bellies--it's the secret to a perfectly juicy and succulent breast every single time.

I can't wait to share the rest with you!


  1. Cooking the turkey upside-down is SO GOOD. But people get really touchy about the presentation of their stupid turkeys, I had someone bitch me out once for even deigning to suggest that being able to put all your turkey leftovers in one ziploc bag because all the meat just falls off of the delicious, juicy carcass is a bigger plus than having a giant bird on a plate to carve. Whatever. Remind me to move to Europe.

  2. I agree - I've been cooking the bird upside down (well - I flip the baby a couple times) and then let it rest breast side down - makes a gigantic difference. Looking forward to more!

  3. Aw how much fun! I've never cooked a turkey - I'm looking forward to seeing your pics!

  4. We're do a pre-thanksgiving too, this sunday! I'll get some of my own clumsy pics of the affaire. If it doesn't turn out well I'm sure Lindsay will disown me.

  5. Oh that's awesome, Austin! Can't wait to hear about your party.


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