Another Party Update

Well, hello! As I'm sure you noticed, I gave myself a little bit of a break this past week these past 12 days. It's been a blur of activity and planning for the 1963-themed Christmas cocktail party, though. I have finally found an outfit to wear, although it took several shopping trips and I confess that I somehow ended up with, um, eight new dresses in the process. I actually haven't made my final decision about which I'll end up wearing, but I'm definitely ready.

I am a little hesitant to divulge all the extra touches I prepared to heighten the authenticity of the party as I want them to be surprises for the guests. But then again, I also want to share some of these tips in case any of you are planning similarly themed events. I hope you'll be patient and wait until next week, but if you are super curious or looking for ideas for your own Mad Men or 1960s cocktail party, just email me at and I'll fill you in on all the fun details.

We have a great crowd confirmed to come, although there are still eight (8!!!) people who have refused to answer my multiple requests for RSVPs. Today is the deadline and I'm seriously considering uninviting all eight of them if I don't hear from them by 11:59pm today.

In a little while, Eugene and I will be heading out to my parent's house in New Jersey to pick up my Christmas decorations (I store them at their house since we don't have the room here) and then over to BJs in East Rutherford to stock up the bar. Fresh Direct will be delivering the final groceries on Thursday evening, and Friday will be spent decorating, rearranging the furniture, and doing every bit of early preparation that I can possibly do so that Saturday can be all about finishing touches and teasing my hair.

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