The Splendito (Low-Carb Mojito Recipe)

My mom and I went down to Miami for a few days a couple weeks ago. I had an audition to attend (more about that in the future, I hope!) and so she took a few days off and we made a girl's spa trip out of it. We stayed at The Standard Spa in Miami Beach--an incredible spa hotel featuring a Turkish-style hamam, saunas, steam rooms, scrubbing rooms, and all kinds of hydrotherapy pools, showers, and soaking tubs--all included in the room rate! It was absolutely heavenly and we pretty much spent our entire four days in Miami in the hotel soaking in the tubs, laying by the pool, and dining in the waterfront restaurant.

One of my favorite discoveries while there was a cocktail they had on their menu called "The Splendito." It's honestly just a mojito made with Splenda instead of sugar (so South Beach!), but I was ridiculously excited to see it because I've been following a mostly low-carb eating plan for the past few weeks because of the aforementioned audition + various other TV and on-camera projects I've been working on this month. [I'm a huge fan of low-carb because not only does it help my cheekbones come back from out of hiding, it also is the best way I've found to keep my ADD-addled brain focused so that I can properly say my intros on camera without getting all tangled up.]

Anyway, I'm almost a bit embarrassed to admit that until then I'd never even thought to replace the sugar in cocktails with Splenda (or Stevia), but now that I know about it I'm in so much trouble. At a recent brunch, I started ordering sugar-free mojitos and then sweetening them myself at the table with Splenda. So genius! It was like a whole world of delicious cocktails just opened up to me again. (Plus, how freaking cute is the name "Splendito"?)

Anyway, if like me, this is news to you, read below to learn how to make your own low-carb mojito (or Splendito).

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The Splendito 
Inspired by a drink at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach. Serves 1

1 lime, cut into 4 wedges
8 fresh mint leaves
1/4 cup white rum
1 packet Splenda (or Stevia)
1 cup ice cubes

Combine lime wedges and mint in the bottom of a large cocktail glass. Use a muddler or the bottom of a wooden spoon to crush the mint and lime together, releasing the jucies and oils. Pour in the rum, ice, and Splenda, and use a spoon to stir. Top off with soda water and serve garnished with an additional sprig or mint or lime slice.

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