DIY Glitter Sunglasses (Mod Podge Project)

My dad has this thing that he does that he thinks is the Most. Hysterical. Thing. Ever. 

At Christmas time, he goes through his desk and office, pulling out random things he's received in gift bags and events. Not the good stuff, mind you.

I mean the promotional items like brochures on "heart health."

Or an old unsharpened pencil.

Perhaps even a lovely highlighter set from an event at CUNY.

He then proceeds to fill our family's stockings with this crap, and sits back and laughs and takes pictures when we sit pulling out one piece of garbage after another.


This year, among other choice items, I found a cheap pair of plastic sunglasses with the NISSAN logo imprinted on the temple arms. When we got back home after the holidays, I was going to throw them out, but then decided it might be fun to use them for some kind of craft.

A little Mod Podge and glitter later, and I'd created a cute pair of sparkly sunglasses!

Here's how you can make your own:

You need:

1. Super Cheap Sunglasses--I used the free ones I got from my dad, but you can also find cheap ones at stores like Target, Old Navy, or Payless.

2. Mod Podge--I use the Original Mod Podge in Gloss, but you can use matte if you prefer.
3. Fine Glitter--I use the Martha Stewart Glitter Multipack, which has a range of gorgeous colors at a great price...after buying this I had to stop myself from putting glitter on everything! For this project I used the Rose Gold shade. (Whatever brand you choose, use a fine glitter as the bigger "elementary school" type glitter is too rough for this project.)
4. Clear Nail Polish (optional)
5. A small paintbrush


1. Combine 1/4 cup of Mod Podge with about 2 teaspoons of glitter. Stir together well.

2. Brush the arms of the sunglasses with a thin coat of the glitter-Mod Podge mix, making sure to coat the front and back. Repeat on the other arm. Let dry 5 minutes, and then repeat 2 or 3 times until the arms have a thick, even coat of glitter. Fill in any dry spots.

3. Let dry completely for at least 2 hours. (Be sure to leave them open so that the wet arms don't stick to each other.)

4. Brush over dried arms with clear nail polish to seal and let dry again for another 2 hours.

Your new glitter sunglasses are now ready to wear!

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