Springtime Prop Shopping

While cleaning my dresser a few weeks ago, I came across an unused Pier 1 giftcard that I'd gotten as a gift last year. I tucked it in my wallet, and when I spotted a Pier 1 Imports located near Hudson's vet's office, I asked Eugene if we could stop there for a bit and do some shopping.

I don't really shop for props as often as I should (or rather, would), because I just don't have the room to store things. In my dream world, I would have a whole room just filled with interesting dishes and glasses and linens to use in food photos and when entertaining.

But this is New York City, and we don't have any rooms to spare.

On this trip, I found some gorgeous linens at 20% off. I bought 4 placemats, three of which are reversible, and will give me more options for backgrounds.
I also found some pretty napkins. I love the green and turquoise striped ones. You can tell, but they also have contrasting piping on the edges, which will be fun.

The cream one with black handwriting is a Thanksgiving napkin, which was on sale for a dollar.

I think these blue bowls will be gorgeous with soup in them--I'm picturing a bright green pea or asparagus soup, or maybe even a perfectly white cream of chicken with a bright green garnish.

I got a lovely rustic looking cream dish and this bright green dessert plate that I think will be perfect for spring recipes.

I also got this heavy woven placemat, because I love the rich stripes of colors. I think that one will work well with Latin dishes like tacos or grilled fish.

I usually stay away from square plates (I don't like how they photograph), but I loved that this one had a round center and dark rims. This will work for Asian-inspired recipes and salads.

I'm totally inspired to get in the kitchen now. Keep an eye out for these plates in upcoming posts!

Note: This post is NOT sponsored by Pier 1. I just love their dishes.

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