A Few Things I'm Currently Loving

1. Pedro Ximenez Sherry
Lately I've taken to ending my days with a few sips of Pedro Ximenez sherry. It's sweet and nutty, and deliciously warming. (Bonus points if served in a vintage sherry or cordial glass!)

2. Truffles from La Maison du Chocolat
For Valentine's Day, Eugene brought me a box of assorted truffles from this incredible chocolate shop. By far some of the best chocolates I've ever had. My personal favorites were the passion fruit and pistachio truffles, but there were a lot of good flavors. At about $40 a pound, they're pricey, but worth it when you want something absolutely luxurious.

3. Flavia de Luce Mystery Series
Eugene got me these books for Christmas (they'd been on my to-read list for months), and I'm absolutely smitten with them. They're old-fashioned mysteries starring a precocious 11-year-old detective. They're written from the point of view of the girl, but definitely written for adults. I'm on my third one, and each one is better than the last.

4. Endeavor
While searching for something to watch one snowy afternoon, I came across the BBC series Endeavor on Netflix and became an instant fan. Set in the mid-60s, it's a detective series about Endeavor Morse--a young, brilliant police inspector. It's actually a prequel to the famous Inspector Morse series (which features Endeavor as an adult). I watched all the episodes in a weekend, and can't wait for the next season.

5. Target Threshold Performance Sheets
I picked up a set of these sheets on a recent Target trip and they're my new favorite. Soft and deep, they're some of the most comfortable sheets I've slept on in ages. I want to go back and buy them in every color.

6. West Elm Faux Bois Mercury Candles in Wood Fire
These are currently on clearance so hurry up and snap them up before they're gone. These were from Christmas, but I think the Wood Fire scent is one that works well all Fall and Winter long. It reminds me of that smokey incense they burn in Catholic churches--kind of mysterious and a little bit sexy (yeah...I know that sounds weird, but trust me on this). And they come in mercury glass-style holders that will be great to use long after the candles burn out.

7. Nars Dragon Girl Lip Pencil
Creamy and richly pigmented, this is my new favorite lip pencil. Works alone or under your favorite lipstick or gloss.

8. L'Occitane Supple Skin Oil
This beautifully perfumed skin oil is a wonderful moisturizer. I love rubbing this on after a bath. 

9. MAC Riri Woo
The perfect red! An incredibly flattering color and the lipstick stays on through a meal without having to reapply. This is part of the limited edition Rihanna collection and is sold out in stores, but you can easily find it on eBay. I bought 4 tubes of it because I love it so much.

10. Hello Toothpaste
The best tasting toothpaste ever. This leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean, without any strange chemically aftertaste or burn. It comes in several flavors, but my favorite is Supermint. (The packaging is so cute, too!)

11. C. Booth Body Wash
I bought this moisturizing paraben & sulfate-free body wash for Eugene because he has sensitive skin, but ended up falling in love with it myself. I may have to spring for a second bottle sooner than I thought.

12. Mrs. Meyer's Geranium Soap
I was at a shoot a couple months ago when I noticed an amazing smell in the air. I asked what it was, and realized that someone had just washed their hands with Mrs. Meyer's Geranium soap. I loved it so much that I went out and bought a bottle for our kitchen. I also got their Radish dish soap (against Eugene's protests that we "already have enough dish soap") and am glad I did--the scents are clean, fresh, and naturally floral--not that weird chemical-y smell you usually get from dish soap.

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