Totchos (Tater Tot Nachos)

I honestly just wanted to make these because they're so fun to say. Totchos!!!

Tater tot nachos are all over the place right now, so I had to whip up my own version. Basically just nachos made with tater tots instead of chips, they are the ultimate party dish to enjoy with friends.


5 Things I Learned From Making My Bed (Almost!) Every Morning Last Year

This past year, I set (and kept!) a resolution for the very first time in my life.

At some point near the end of 2015, I decided that I wanted to start making my bed. Doesn't really seem like a big deal, but as someone who works from home, my bed was pretty much always visible, and having a big giant messy thing in my face constantly wasn't doing me any favors.

So when I woke up on January 1, 2016, the first thing I did was make the bed. Then I did it again the next day and the day after that, and just kept going until it somehow became a natural part of what I did every day. 

I wasn't perfect. Some days I took my time and made my bed look like it was straight out of a catalog. Other times, I was a bit rushed and just kind of pulled everything quickly into place. I skipped it on cleaning lady days and when traveling (one of the luxuries of hotel life, right?)

There were even some days when I left it so late in the day that I essentially made my bed about an hour before getting right back into it. (Still counts!) But, for the most part, it's how I started each and every day last year.

And after a while? It started to feel really good. Here are 5 things I learned over the past year of making my bed nearly every morning--perhaps they'll inspire you to give it a try, too!

Baked Spicy Chili Cinnamon Veggie Chips

Healthy snacking. It's what everyone is all about these first few enthusiastic weeks of the year, and I'm happy to jump on board.

Today I have a super fun recipe for Baked Spicy Chili Cinnamon Veggie Chips that works as both an easy snack and a cool party recipe (you know...because once this "New Year New You" stuff fades out, it's gameday food time!)

Strawberry Shortcake Brie (Straw-Brie Shortcake!)

This babe of a party appetizer recipe has been sitting in my queue for months. Um...a lot of months.

(At least six, I think.)
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