How to Make a DIY Doughnut Wall

A few months ago, I shot a super fun DIY Doughnut Wall video for TODAY Food. If you've never seen a doughnut wall before, just know that they're kind of amazing. It's basically a party feature that doubles as both decoration and dessert. It's super easy to make, and you can get most of the supplies at a hardware store like Home Depot.

Watch the video, then scroll down for a few tips!

1. Pegboards are available at most larger hardware and home building supply stores like Home Depot. They usually come in giant sheets, so you have to ask them to cut it down to size for you. Come prepared knowing how big you want it! (You can usually get two to three party-sized boards out of one big sheet. The cost is less than $10 total.)

2. Spray paint works best because it'll evenly cover the board without filling in the little holes. But if you prefer, you definitely can use a brush. A fabric cover would be gorgeous, too! (Be sure to protect your surface with a dropcloth before your start as the paint WILL go through the holes! lol)

3. Any kind of doughnuts work for this project, but note that since they're hanging vertically, you should avoid anything with toppings that can come off (like crumble or very wet frosting). And obviously nothing filled with jelly or cream! ;)

4. Since you don't want your doughnuts to get stale, wait until just before the party to put them on the board. They'll be fine for a few hours.

5. Bagel wall! I honestly loved this even a little bit more than the doughnut wall--such a fun idea for a brunch or breakfast party!

After the party, keep the pegboard and hooks and use for home or kitchen storage. You can hang pots, utensils, even jewelry!

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