5 Reasons to Get Excited about Fall

As much as I appreciate the beauty of changing seasons, the chance to start again, crunchy leaves, etc., etc., I'm still always a bit sad to say good-bye to the lush languor of summer.

While it's still sunny and 80 degrees in New York right now, things already feel different. Can you feel it?

That said, I'm thankful for things like crisp apples and mulberry-colored dresses, which at least give me something to look forward to.

 In an effort to get myself excited for Fall, I brainstormed a few of my favorite things about the new season. Check them out below (there's even a video!)

1. Cozy Date Nights
I'm not sure when I became the kind of lady that uses the phrase "date night," but this is me now.

One of the best things about Fall is definitely the way that shorter days and chillier weather give us an excuse to hunker down at home. But that doesn't mean months of Netflix on the couch!

From cozy coffee table picnics featuring an abundant cheese platters to shared bottles of red, it doesn't take much to make a night in feel special.

(Click here for one of my favorite date night ideas--a tapas party for two!)

2. A Fresh Start!
I'll never lose that first-day-of-school feeling, and for that I'm thankful. After the indulgence of summer, Fall can feel like a second opportunity to start over for the year. I actually love it even more than January!

These past few weeks I took the opportunity to go through and make some changes--I made myself a new TV reel, I updated my professional website, I created a new vision board, and even did a massive closet clean-up. Use the productive feeling that comes along with these weeks to get things in order and clear out the stuff that is no longer working.

3. Those Fab Fall Flavors
Crisp apples, ripe pears, tart berries, hearty baked bread, tender slow-braised brisket, hot apple cider (spiked or otherwise!), apple cider donuts, juicy pomegranates, cloves, cinnamon, pumpkin everything, butternut squash, drizzles of maple syrup, warm gently-spiced nuts, steaming mugs of tea, thick slices of afternoon cake, concord grapes, dried fruit, sharp cheddar...are you hungry yet?

4. New Fall Outfits
This is probably another one leftover from my school days (back to school shopping!), but the promise of pretty plaids, cozy sweater dresses, buttery leather boots, drapey sweaters, and thick tights in all colors is definitely one of my favorite things about the season!

5. A Chance to Redecorate!
Big giant golden sunflowers, bowls filled with pine cones, buffalo check, fuzzy blankets. I've already started dressing things up again around here. While summer was definitely time for breezy fabrics and bright colors, this season calls for warmer fabrics and richer tones.

Flowers are definitely one of my favorite easy ways to redecorate; a fresh bunch can go such a long way towards giving a room a whole new feel. My favorites are sunflowers, but I also love bunches of fragrant magnolia leaves stuck in mason jars (I know. So basic.)

Feeling crafty? Give these easy DIY Sunflower Kissing Balls a try!

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