Coconut Oil Winner & Other Goodies

I loved reading about all your favorite coconut treats! It's given me some great ideas for upcoming posts, so stay tuned!

I just selected the winner (randomly with the assistance of RANDOM.ORG) and the winner is:

Comment #82 -- Nathalie from the blog Creative Clay Cooking who wrote (I just had to share this!):

"I made an incredible banana bread with coconut oil and coconut flakes with fresh off the stalk  bananas from my Aunt's garden.  So incredible.  My other favorite coconut oil treat... dare I say... coconut oil is a luscious and fabulous love oil... can not recommend it highly enough... a little love desert after the desert, eh! Haven't tried this yet but I know it will be killer....coconut oil fried sweet potato chips."

That's actually the THIRD person to mention that coconut oil is a great "love oil." you know! ;)

Another cool thing I learned from another reader is the following from blogger Auria of Auria's Malaysian Kitchen

"In Malay (the main language spoken in Malaysia),  the word for coconut is "kelapa".  And if you say that in a sort of colloquial, slang-y way,  it's pronounced "kelapo".

So that explains the cool name!

If you didn't win, but would still like to try out the awesome Kelapo coconut oil (for cooking or otherwise!), you can enter the code DESSERT20 at checkout on their website for 20% off. This is valid through August 31.

(NOTE: I am NOT being compensated for this post. I did get a free bottle to try and loved it so much I asked to give one away and to get a discount for you. I don't get anything if you use the code; just wanted to share it with you as I really did love this brand, and think you will, too!)

Thank you all for entering! Stay tuned as I'll be giving away more fun stuff, soon!

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