Giveaway: Win a Jar of Kelapo Coconut Oil

Kids, I have a new favorite thing. And that new favorite thing is this ridiculously good coconut oil from a company called Kelapo. This is good stuff.

I've been using coconut oil for years. I cook with it and bake with it, and I keep jars in my bedroom and bathroom to use in my hair and on my skin. I eat spoonfuls of it for energy and to cut sweet cravings. I even wash my face with it!

Eugene thinks it's kind of (coco)nuts. "You always smell like a macaroon," he says.

Like that's a bad thing? No, sir, it is not. Coconut oil is one of the healthiest substances in THE WORLD.

Anyway, until this week, I wasn't particularly loyal about my coconut oil brands. I had a kind of main standby that I used, but I'd generally just pick up whatever organic unrefined virgin jar I saw.

And then I received an email from a lovely lady at Kelapo offering me a jar of their extra virgin coconut oil to try. "Sure!" I said, thinking it would just be some more awesome coconut oil, but nothing special.

The mailman arrived with the package just as I was heading for the shower so I decided to open it up and put some in my hair as a deep conditioner. I opened up the jar and promptly freaked out. It was the most delicious smelling coconut oil I had ever smelled. It smelled sweet and nutty--like a coconut cream pie. And the taste? It tastes like coconut sorbet. Or maybe an Almond Joy. Or the aforementioned macaroon.

Seriously, if you like coconut, you are going to LOVE this stuff. I have no idea what it is that they do to get such great flavor, but whatever it is, it's awesome. I'm already going to be ordering myself a large container of it.

Want to try it? You're in luck!

Leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite coconut treat (yes, pina coladas count!). One winner will be randomly selected to win a 14oz jar of Kelapo coconut oil. 

Entries must be in by 5pm EST on July 25th. You must include a valid email with your entry to win (so I can contact you!). US residents only, please.

Can't wait? I also got them to give me a special discount code. Hop on over to their site and enter the code DESSERT20 at checkout to save 20% off your order.

They also have a great site filled with coconut oil recipes, if you're looking for some fun ideas!

Good luck! I'm off to go make something delicious!

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