Eating in Bed

Confession time: Do you ever eat in bed?

During the weekdays, I admit to eating at least one meal a day in bed. If Eugene is working late or out with friends, that number sometimes jumps to two.

It's a habit I developed in college, I think. My freshman year there wasn't a dining table or sofa in my dorm room so I ate my homemade meals sitting on my bed. When I moved into my first apartment in DC after getting back from Italy, I would regularly just eat on my bed rather than sit at the dining table alone. The pattern continued, and I've never really thought much of it.

Perhaps it's just a necessity born of small living spaces? 

I usually stick to easy things like sandwiches, wraps, or scrambled eggs. I also like fruit or veggie sticks for snacking. Sometimes I'll eat last night's leftovers--a piece of grilled chicken or some salmon on top of an arugula or watercress salad. Nothing potentially messy like soup, though I did once eat a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs while sitting cross-legged on my bed and paging through a magazine.

It was awesome.

In the winter, I love a hot mug of milky tea and cake.

My absolute summer favorite? Chocolate ice cream, eaten under the covers with a fork and a book in an air conditioned room. Pure heaven!

Bonus points if it's an air conditioned hotel room!

(I've never eaten a bowl of strawberries and red bell peppers like Ms. Jolie up there. That's just weird.)

I also love to eat room service meals on my bed while watching TV.

Anyway, I've never thought there was anything wrong with eating in bed, although I remember back when I was working at the magazine there was once a photo of a girl eating breakfast in bed and my coworker remarked that she would be horrified if her husband brought her breakfast in bed.

"I don't want food near my bed! That's gross!"

I kept my naughty habit to myself, though I wholeheartedly disagreed. But now I wonder, am I alone in this? What do you think about eating in (or on) your bed? Is it gross? Is it decadent?

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