Inspired Living: Chilled Vinho Verde for Summer Sipping

From about late March through early October, I always make sure to keep a couple bottles of Vinho Verde in my fridge. Vinho Verde or "Green Wine,"  is a young, crisp Portuguese wine with fairly low alcohol content. The green is really a reference to the young age of the wine (usually about 1 year or younger), but I've found that some of the wines actually do have a very very slight green tint to them.

As I was putting my groceries away yesterday, I figured I should share this gem with you guys, because it's such a great casual wine. A "porch pounder," if you will. I love it because it's such an easy drinking wine. Especially during the hot summer months, when I just want a glass or two of something crisp with just a tiny kick. 

I personally can't stand any kind of beer, so this is what I reach for when Eugene grabs a cold one for himself. It's not a sparkling wine, but it does have just the tiniest bit of effervescence to it that feels light and refreshing on the tongue. I find that it's really lovely with seafood, which we eat near-daily in the summer, or with salty chips and guacamole. Honestly, it's great with all things salty or spicy, which is perfect for me since those are my favorite!

And the best part? It's so cheap! My favorite kind is called Ouro Verde, and I buy it through Fresh Direct for about $6 a bottle, but you can find different kinds in the $5-$12 range just about anywhere. I usually buy about 1 or 2 bottles a week and pop them straight in the fridge. The cap on this one is a twist-top, so it's also a great low-key bottle to bring along on a picnic or to the beach without having to bother with a wine opener.

If you're looking for a fun summer drink, definitely give this one a try!

Wine glass photo by Paul Blakeman/Flickr

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