Feed Your Passion Episode 1: Chinese-Cuban Fusion at Calle Dao

In the first episode of my new show Feed Your Passion with Alejandra Ramos, we visit Calle Dao--a Cuban-Chinese restaurant in Manhattan that's putting a creative spin on this classic fusion cuisine.

Calle Dao is owned by Marco Britti an Italian-born musician who developed a passion for Latin food while traveling the world with acts like Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony (YES!).  While living in Havana for a year, he grew fascinated with the significant Chinese population in that city, and started researching the birth of Chino-Cubana cuisine, which for a time was popular in cities like New York and Miami.

At Calle Dao, he and Chef Humberto Guallpa, have created a menu that brings together some mainstays and flavors from both cultures, along with influences from other Latin and Asian countries. The result is a truly unique and inspiring menu that celebrates the fusion of global cultures in America.

Watch the video below (and don't forget to subscribe, comment, and hit the thumbs up if you like it!)

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