5 Advice Books Worth Reading

There are a LOT of self-help and advice books out there, but not many of them are actually worth your time. These are a few that I've read, loved, and found genuinely inspiring.

1. Brave Enough by Cheryl Strayad
This little book is a great one to keep around. Filled with small excerpts and quotations from Strayed's past writing (she wrote Wild, among other amazing things), the book is filled with loads of inspiring messages and advice on just about every topic. (This one makes a great gift, too!) Get it here.

2. How to Talk with Practically Anybody About Practically Anything by Barbara Walters
This is a super old and out of print book, but it is awesome. They have lots of used copies of it on Amazon (or check your local used bookstore or library). Seriously--hunt down a copy of this, because it's great. In it, Barbara Walters shares advice while sharing about her experiences working with and interviewing everyone from royalty and politicians to celebrities to everyday people. And when she says "anybody" she really means it. This means tips on talking to boring people, drunk people, bosses, staff, people who make you nervous because you're super attracted to them, people you hate but have to work with anyway, etc. It's legit, life-changing advice that will help you become a better communicator in every aspect of your days. Get it here.
3. Yes Please by Amy Poehler
I rarely read books when they're in hardcover (it's not the cost--it's that I like to hold books in a single hand when I read and hardcover books hurt my hand when I try to do that), but occasionally I get so excited about a book that I make an exception. This was one of those books. I love Amy Poehler's work as an actress/writer/director/etc., but I love her story and her advice even more. She's just one of those amazingly open and honest and talented bad-ass ladies whose story is totally worth reading. So many inspiring bits in this book (and yes, it's hilarious, too). Get it here.

4. Good in a Room by Stephanie Palmer
This book was written for aspiring screenwriters and other Hollywood folks, but it's universal advice. It's basically a manual for selling yourself and your ideas. The term "good in a room" is a Hollywood term that refers to the kind of person who can get in a room and really sell themselves--in interviews, business meetings, pitch meetings, presentations...even on dates! We all have something to sell at some point in our lives; this book will help you do it. Get it here.

5. The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau
My husband and I were recently talking about our favorite bits of advice and quotations, and I said that one of my favorites came from this guy in this book. It is this: “You don’t have to live your life the way other people expect you to.” When I read that, I loved it and identified with it so very much, because I've pretty much always already done that, but it was awesome to see it in print. I read this book a few months before I quit my job and decided to pursue this life and career full-time. I've never regretted a second of it, and that was one of the books that aided me in this transition. He's written several other books since then, but this one is and will always be my favorite. Get it here.

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